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Munich (ots)

Bottom Havelse shows the league how points can be scored in Magdeburg. The front runner (48 points) cannot get past TSV (14 points!!!) with a 1:1 draw. “We can still be a bit happy that we took the point with us,” Magdeburg goalkeeper Reimann praised the guests, who equalized with a fantastic free kick from Leon Damer after previously missing several good chances. Furioso final in Duisburg: 1. FC Saarbrücken wins the goal spectacle in Duisburg 4:3, up to the 80th minute MSV was behind 1:4 and even missed the equalizer after a strong fightback. “I don’t give a shit about a good game because we don’t get any points for a good game,” said a “bitterly disappointed” Duisburg coach Schmidt, who stayed third from bottom. “We needed an outstanding goalkeeper to win the game,” admitted Saarbrücken coach Koschinat, who moved up to fifth place with the Saarlanders.

Below are the most important voices of the day – if used, please name the source MagentaSport. The English week on Tuesday and Wednesday with 2 conferences over 2 days – live from 6.45 p.m. on MagentaSport. MSV Duisburg challenges leaders Magdeburg on Wednesday – the preliminary reports for this game start at 6.30 p.m. in the individual game.

1. FC Magdeburg – TSV Havelse 1:1

Surprise in Magdeburg. The leader leaves 2 points against Havelse at the bottom, also because the guests put a lot of pressure on and had some scoring chances themselves.

Magdeburg coach Christian Titz: “We gave the opponent really good chances in the first half and unfortunately that continued in the second half… If we’d gone behind we couldn’t have complained.”

Goalkeeper Dominik Reimann added: “We gave the opponent a lot of chances ourselves… In the end we can perhaps be a little bit happy that we still took the point because something was possible for both sides.”

TSV Havelse surprisingly gets a point from leaders Magdeburg. Despite several very good chances to score, it was a fantastic free kick from Leon Damer that brought the equalizer. Coach Rudiger Ziehl: “I’m just over the moon that the team rewarded themselves for a good performance and intense style of play and got a point here… We don’t just want to be praised for good performances, we also want to take something tangible with us.”

Whether he has a man of the match: “It was a top team performance overall. The players implemented the idea we had 100 percent.”

Leon Damer was modest despite the dream goal: “Of course he fits in well, but we could have taken 3 points today… Magdeburg are the best team in the league and if we perform like we do today in the next few weeks, then there’s certainly still a lot to do… We have yes, nothing to lose. We’re in there and we can only win.”

MSV Duisburg – 1. FC Saarbruecken 3: 4

MagentaSport commentator Christian Straßburger was a bit taken down after the 90 minutes by a “great game.” But one after anonther. Up to the 74th minute, 1. FC Saarbrücken looked like the relaxed winner with a 3-0 win, and the Saarlanders quickly countered the goal and led 4-1 up to the 80th minute. Then came MSV Duisburg, reduced the lead to 3:4 and still had several chances to equalize, but FCS keeper Batz prevented it. Duisburg coach Hagen Schmidt was accordingly “Brutally disappointed. Today it wasn’t the better team that won, but the happier one… In terms of football, that was an improvement today and also a compliment to the lads, they never gave up… But I don’t give a fuck about a good game It doesn’t matter, because we don’t get points for a good game. Nevertheless, we take everything with us today and don’t go into the next game with our heads hanging.”

Double goalscorer Aziz Bouhaddouz was also annoyed: “I think it’s very disappointing for us today. We had big plans. Unfortunately, we didn’t succeed. However, we came back well and deserved a point.”How he sees the current situation at MSV: “We put a lot together in the relatively short preparation and the coach focused on us being together as a unit. We showed that today too… But we’re definitely on a very, very good path.”

After the defeat, MSV is still in 18th place in the table. For 1. FC Saarbrücken, the win now means 5th place, 2 points behind 2nd place. Coach Uwe Koschinat first joked after the game, but then got honest: “We are already doing a lot to make MagentaSport popular. It was really a fight up to the last second, which we could certainly have saved today… A very confident top team could have played down the last 20 minutes in an absolutely relaxed manner , maybe to save for the English week as well. But we actually had to go all the way into the 95th minute and to be honest we needed a superb goalkeeper to win today.”

Goalkeeper Daniel Batz on the crazy final phase: “That’s the crazy thing about football… I think it was a great Sunday afternoon for the spectators… If you saw the game in the second half, you can’t call us a ‘top team’. A top team actually plays the thing 3-0 home.”

SV Meppen – FSV Zwickau 1: 3

For SV Meppen it was the second defeat in this calendar year. Coach Rico Schmitt’s team conceded a total of 7 goals in these two bankruptcies and is now only in 6th place. Rico Schmitt said after the game: “Zwickau are a very unpleasant team, and several teams have already lost their teeth. They play very robust football and we didn’t manage it like we did in our best phases… The result is absolutely fine… The world looked different before Christmas, but now we’ve lost twice in a row… Now we’ve hit the ground running again. We’re still not blown away.” On the many goals conceded: “We conceded a lot of goals, but we also have a lot of points.”

FSV Zwickau celebrates its first victory since November 13th and thus defends 13th place with a 5-point lead over a relegation zone. Zwickau’s coach Joe Enochs: “We’re very happy… We said before the game that we’d take the game as it is and the team implemented that very well. Kudos to the whole team.”

Zwickaus Nils Butzen on the difficult preparation at FSV Zwickau with several Corona cases and icy training grounds: “You think the preparation wasn’t optimal, because of Covid you sometimes only had 7 people in training and so on. But then you have this ‘now more than ever’ mentality. Today the game wasn’t even the most difficult one because you were there for 90 minutes can get everything out. The English week is going to be rather tricky for us because at some point you need a broad squad.” 3. Liga LIVE bei MagentaSport

Tuesday, 01/25/2022

From 6.45 p.m. as a single game or in the conference: SV Waldhof Mannheim – Viktoria Cologne, VfL Osnabrück – Würzburger Kickers, SC Freiburg II – Türkgücü Munich, Hallescher FC – Viktoria Berlin

Wednesday, 01/26/2022

From 6.30 p.m.: MSV Duisburg – 1. FC Magdeburg

From 6.45 p.m. as a single game or in the conference: FSV Zwickau – Eintracht Braunschweig, SC Verl – SV Meppen, 1. FC Saarbrücken – Borussia Dortmund II, TSV Havelse – SV Wehen Wiesbaden

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