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22.01.2022 – 10:47

German environmental aid registered association

Berlin (ots)

  • Federal government speaks out against a green label for nuclear power, but agrees to the inclusion of fossil gas in the EU taxonomy
  • DUH: New gas power plants may only be built under strict climate policy conditions and are not a sustainable investment
  • DUH calls on the European Parliament to vote against the inclusion of nuclear power and fossil gas in the taxonomy and to stop the Commission’s plan

Last night, the federal government issued its statement on the inclusion of nuclear and fossil gas in the EU taxonomy for sustainable financial products. In it, the federal government rejects giving nuclear power a green label. Fossil gas, on the other hand, should be allowed to receive the new financial eco-label under certain conditions. The Federal Government would like to relax the rules for new gas-fired power plants proposed by the EU Commission even further. The German Environmental Aid (DUH) sharply criticizes this and the basic intake of natural gas. When rejecting nuclear power, the DUH calls for the words in the statement to be followed by deeds.

Sascha Müller-Kraenner, Federal Managing Director of the DUH: “It’s a good thing that the federal government is opposed to the inclusion of nuclear power in the taxonomy. However, the federal government’s ‘Yes’ to including fossil natural gas power plants in the list of sustainable financial products is inconsistent. Even if a limited expansion of new gas power plants as part of the coal phase-out necessary, this does not make a fossil fuel a green technology. This will weigh heavily on the credibility of the federal government and the taxonomy. Therefore, as a last resort, the federal government must defend itself against the lawsuit announced by Austria and Luxembourg against the one presented by the Commission Connect Taxonomy Act.”

In its statement, the Federal Government criticizes the Commission’s proposals to include gas in the taxonomy in detail. For example, the federal government is calling for the 2025 and 2030 interim targets for the admixture of low-CO2 gases to be dropped for new gas-fired power plants. In addition, according to the statement, the emission limit values ​​and budgets are to be “supplemented”, which is tantamount to a softening of the already weak specifications.

Constantin Zerger, Head of Energy and Climate Protection at DUH: “The support of fossil gas as a supposedly ‘green’ technology is a blatant wrong decision by the federal government in terms of climate policy. And what’s more: the federal government is even implementing the wishes of the gas lobby, which had called for a reduction in the emission limit values. The deletion of the interim targets for Low-CO2 gases, on the other hand, is correct: Green hydrogen will be a scarce commodity, it should not be wasted by mixing it in. Hydrogen has the greatest climate benefit in industry and the scarce quantities should therefore be used here initially. One disappointment, however, is that the federal government has not used exclusively for green hydrogen from renewable energies in the taxonomy.”

The DUH also assumes that a limited expansion of gas-fired power plants will be necessary as part of the phase-out of coal. However, this is also possible without the award of a green label by the EU taxonomy, for the construction of new gas power plants strict climate policy requirements must be made by regulatory law. In the opinion of the DUH, however, the inclusion of fossil gas in the taxonomy will hinder the development of renewable energies and call into question the credibility of the entire project. At the beginning of January, the DUH published an expert opinion proving that the proposals to include natural gas are illegal.


With the taxonomy, the EU wants to present a state definition for green investments for the first time. This should enable investors and consumers to issue or invest in sustainable financial products and thus mobilize additional capital for the implementation of the Green Deal.


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