Popularity of the Andong Bicycle Path along the Nakdong River

Wolyeong Bridge (Photo_Andong-si)

The ‘Nakdong River Crossing Bike Path’, which starts in front of Andong Wolyeong Bridge, is very popular.

The number of riders who departed from the Wolyeonggyo Certification Center, the starting point of the Nakdong River bike path, and arrived at the final point of the estuary in Busan, which is 389 km away, was counted as 64,136 riders in 2021 alone. It is the result of going through all authentication procedures for each section, including departure and arrival. It is expected that there will be much more riders who went to Andong without completing the race.

The Andong section of the Nakdong River cycling path is 37.3 km long and runs from Andong Dam → Nakdong Riverside → Suha-dong → Gaegok-ri → Pungsan Bridge → Danho-ri → Danho Bridge → Pungnam Bridge → Byeongsan-ri → Gwangdeok Bridge → Gudam Bridge.

In particular, in the Andong section, you can enjoy superb views and cultural and tourist attractions with a long history at each stopover along the leisurely Nakdong River.

Wolyeonggyo, the starting point, is the longest wooden bridge (387m) in Korea that crosses the lake and boasts beautiful scenery both day and night, and is spotlighted as a hot spot for certified shots of the MZ generation. Nearby, the Nakgang Waterway Park, which is called Korea’s Giverny, a cafe run by a cast member of the Steel Troop, and the colorful moon boats where you can swim on the wide lake are also getting a great response.

Wolyeong Bridge

In the next course, Imcheonggak, you can reflect on the devoted life of Lee Sang-ryong, the first Prime Minister of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea, who practiced noblesse oblige during the time of national crisis. With the Imcheonggak Restoration Project, the railroad tracks and retaining walls have been removed, so you can enjoy the panoramic view of the Nakdong River.

Im Cheong-gak

After passing Dumulmeori, which merges with Banbyeoncheon, you arrive at Gwiraejeong. This is where the heartfelt letter from ‘Won’s mother’ was found, which contains a desperate love for Lee Eung-tae, the great-grandson of Lee Gung, who founded Gwiraejeong. If you go further down the river, you will see Yeonghoru, where it is said that King Gongmin wrote a signboard with his own hand when he stayed in Andong to escape the Hong Geonjeok Rebellion.


Lee Jung-hwan (1691 – 1756) is a place where you can enjoy outstanding natural scenery and cultural heritage so much that, along with Imcheonggak, Gwiraejeong and Yeonghoru are recorded as the scenic spots of Andong in Taekri.

Next, you will meet the hidden secret of Andong, Nakam-do. It is a place where legends say that the goblin was built on the site, and you can see the Nakdonggang River at a glance from the bottom of the sheer cliff. Nearby, there is the Andong Nakdong River Ecology Learning Center where you can see and experience the wetlands of the Nakdong River, and Danho Sand Park Camping Site with caravan, glamping, car, and tent campsites, as well as a children’s playground and trampoline.

Danho Sand Park Camping Site

Crossing Danho Bridge, you will find the Maae Prehistoric Relics Exhibition Hall, where artifacts from the Late Stone Age from 30,000 to 40,000 years ago are displayed, and Maaepine Forest Park, where the river and pine forest harmonize so beautifully that you may be mistaken for a beachfront location. In 2007, during the construction of Maaesol Forest Park, Paleolithic relics were discovered for the first time in Andong, and the Prehistoric Relics Exhibition Hall was established here.

Maaesol Forest

The last course passes through UNESCO World Heritage Hahoe Village and the vicinity of Byeongsan Seowon. It is a place where Korean traditional culture has been preserved. In spite of the 600 years of history, intangible heritage such as ‘Hahoe Byeolsingut Mask Nori’ and ‘Seonyu Julbul Nori’ is being transmitted not only to the old house village. President Bush visited in succession in 2005 and 2009, and Queen Elizabeth II visited in 1999, followed by the Queen’s second son, Prince Andrew, in 2019.

Hahoe village

There are various foods that you must eat when visiting Andong, such as Heotjesabap, dried mackerel, Andong ribs, Andong steamed chicken, Andong soup, and the three famous bakeries in the country. The most attractive thing is that you can enjoy all these foods near the bike path that runs along the Nakdong River.

Andong City is continuously managing traffic safety signs, safety fences, street lamps, etc. for each section of the bicycle path to avoid inconvenience to tourists. Apply insurance.

A bicycle rider who visited Andong said, “There are many places to miss in Andong because of its scattered tourist spots, but on a bicycle tour, I was able to properly see the true face of Andong hidden in every corner.” It is a course I would definitely recommend.”

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