Jeollanam-do, first 200 billion won tourism business investment agreement this year

Photo_ Jeollanam-do

Jeollanam-do signed the first investment agreement of the new year with Edga Jindo, a subsidiary of Dohui, to promote a 200 billion won tourism development project at Jindo Tower on the 19th.

According to the agreement, Edga Jindo Co., Ltd. will build 388 large-scale hotels and 40 luxury resort pool villas in the Nokjin Tourist Area in Jindo by 2024. When the project is completed, it is expected that about 300 jobs will be created in the region.

Dohui Co., Ltd., the parent company, is a local company that has completed the 9th construction of Edgar Officetel in Namak, Muan, and is expanding its business areas nationwide, including the construction of youth housing in Naepo, Chungcheongnam-do and Seoul station areas.

This agreement is the first investment agreement for tourism business signed by Jeollanam-do at the start of the ‘2022-2023 Jeollanam-do Visit Year’, which is ambitiously promoted with the goal of becoming a stay-type tourism base.

The local tourism industry, encouraged by the significant increase in tourists with the opening of the Jindo Myeongnyang Marine Cable Car last year, expects this investment will revitalize the ‘staying tourism’ in the southwestern part of Jeollanam-do by linking it with the nearby Usuyeong tourist destination in Haenam.

“The Nokjin Tourist Site is a place where the spirit of Admiral Yi Sun-sin stands,” said Myung-Jun Myung-Jin, CEO of Edgar Jindo.

An official from Jeollanam-do said, “The small islands of Banwol and Bakjido, ‘Purple Island’ in Shinan, were selected as the first UN World’s Best Tourist Village last year. We will make Jeollanam-do a tourism center that attracts people from all over the world.”

Reporter Lee So-mi [email protected]

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