Coronavirus pandemic: ++ RKI reports 133,536 new infections ++


Status: 01/20/2022 04:30 a.m

The RKI reported 133,536 new infections in the morning. The seven-day incidence rises to over 630. The Association of Medical Officers distinguishes between compulsory vaccination and compulsory vaccination. All current developments in the live blog.

4:30 a.m

Seven-day incidence reaches next peak at 638.8

The incidence value and the new corona infections in Germany have reached the next maximum values. The Robert Koch Institute gave the seven-day incidence in the morning as 638.8. The day before the value was 584.4, a week ago it was 427.7. According to data from the health authorities, the number of new infections within 24 hours was 133,536 – after 112,323 the day before and 81,417 a week ago.

It was the seventh day in a row with a new record incidence and the second day with a new high in new infections. Furthermore, 234 new deaths related to the corona virus were counted. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the health authorities have recorded a total of 8,320,386 cases of infection. The total number of registered corona deaths in Germany rose to 116,315.

4:30 a.m

Association of Medical Officers: Compulsory vaccination is not mandatory

In the debate about compulsory vaccination, the German medical officers point out that this would not mean vaccination is compulsory. “Nobody will and is not allowed to vaccinate people against their declared will,” says Elke Bruns-Philipps, Vice-Chairman of the Federal Association of Doctors in Public Health Services, of the Funke media groups. “The law, as it is now being discussed, does not provide that, nor is it intended.” The National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV) has declared that compulsory vaccination will not be implemented in medical practices.

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