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20.01.2022 – 02:06


Seoul, South Korea, April 20 /PRNewswire/

Seegene Inc. (KQ 096530), South Korea’s leading molecular diagnostics (MDx) company, today announced its plan for the future while presenting at the 40th annual JP Morgan Healthcare Virtual Conference. dr Jong-Yoon Chun, CEO of Seegene, presented three strategic products that will bring the world “back to normal” after the COVID-19 pandemic. Alongside these three solutions, he also presented the automated, artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled platform of the company provides a standard development tool that allows users to easily develop their own diagnostic assays.

Three product solutions for a return to normality

To return to normal in 2022, Dr. Chun proposes three product solutions. Firstly, Seegene’s on-site screening solution for bulk testing with the fully automated molecular diagnostic system that can be deployed at various facilities such as schools, airports, workplaces and others. It has the advantage of short turnaround time, affordable price and improved accuracy, even in asymptomatic cases that cannot be detected with rapid antigen tests.

The second solution is Seegene’s centralized screening system with its newly developed diagnostic test, which can multiply the testing capacity without additional equipment investments in the laboratories. The third solution is syndromic testing for patients with respiratory symptoms: Seegene has already introduced the Allplex™ RV Master Assay. This can simultaneously differentiate ten targets, including COVID-19, influenza and the most common respiratory viruses. This assay paves the way back to normality by identifying the exact cause of respiratory symptoms.

strategic Advancement to an MDx platform company

During his presentation, Dr. Chun announced the company’s strategic development as a molecular diagnostics platform provider and introduced Seegene’s MDx platform for assay development. Until now, commercial MDx development has been a labor-intensive manual process that required highly skilled researchers and significant resources. “Our digitized, open development platform will push the boundaries of the current paradigm of MDx development processes by enabling users to develop their own diagnostic assays quickly and efficiently,” said Dr. Chun and to provide our expertise to support rapid and standardized assay development that will ultimately help accelerate the use of MDx in our daily lives.”

Seegene’s MDx platform integrates proprietary patented technologies and engineering know-how that Seegene has developed over the past two decades with an artificial intelligence (AI)-based automated design system. This platform enables users, regardless of their MDx knowledge and experience, to develop multiplex real-time PCR assays that can meet future local-scale testing needs.

Finally, Dr. Chun envisions Seegene breaking new ground by becoming an MDx platform company. Through all these efforts, Seegene will make molecular diagnostics suitable for everyday use.

The full video of the CEO’s presentation/lecture is on www.seegene.com/ir_event accessible.

About Seegene, Inc.

Founded in 2000 in Seoul, South Korea and with offices in the United States, Canada, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and the Middle East, Seegene, Inc. is an in vitro diagnostics (IVD) company managed by turns concepts into products through its groundbreaking R&D activities. Seegene owns its original patent technology, including DPO™ (Dual Priming Oligonucleotides) for amplification of multiple targets; TOCE™, for detection of multiple targets in a single channel; MuDT™, the world’s first real-time PCR technology that provides individual Ct values ​​for multiple targets in a single channel for quantitative assays; and mTOCE™ multiplex mutation detection technology. With these cutting-edge molecular diagnostic technologies applied to diagnostic kits and other tools, Seegene has increased the sensitivity and specificity of PCR (polymerase chain reaction) to unprecedented levels, and offers multiplex PCR products that target and target the genes Detect multiple pathogens simultaneously, saving testing time and costs. Seegene continues to set new standards in the MDx space and offer new, cost-effective innovations.

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