▷ Paediatricians call for lifting of corona quarantine for all daycare and school children

20.01.2022 – 01:00

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Osnabrueck (ots)

Pediatricians are calling for the corona quarantine to be lifted for all daycare and school children

Association President Tenenbaum: “Permanent quarantine would be like lockdown” – pragmatism appeal to educators and teachers

Osnabruck. Germany’s top physician for infectious diseases in children has called for an end to quarantine for daycare and school children in view of the omicron wave. “Contact persons who are tested regularly and have negative results belong in the daycare center or school. The quarantine obligation should be lifted for them where it still exists,” said Tobias Tenenbaum, President of the German Society for Pediatric Infectious Diseases (DGPI), in an interview with the “New Osnabrück newspaper” (NOZ). “We not only recommend this as a DGPI. Studies have shown that this is a viable option.”

The chief physician at the Sana children’s clinic in Berlin-Lichtenberg was alarmed that concerned educators or health authorities were keeping thousands upon thousands of children unnecessarily away from class. “In view of the mass infections, we urgently appeal for pragmatism. Entire classes or daycare groups must not be sent home just because a child has tested positive. Because that will happen all the time in the coming weeks. One quarantine after the other, that would be tantamount to a lockdown for countless families. And the devastating consequences that have are well documented,” said the infectious disease specialist. After all, with masks, ventilation, tests and vaccinations, there are now sufficient instruments to keep the facilities open for the benefit of the children. “Preventing the spread of the virus by closing daycare centers or schools is no longer the right way.”

The DGPI President referred to international studies and his own observations, according to which the omicron mutant is generally not dangerous for children. “We currently see hardly any severe courses from the children who are admitted because of corona symptoms. These are isolated cases and always with special risk factors such as being very overweight,” explained the doctor. But children and young people would also be protected from severe courses by vaccinations. “That’s why all children should be vaccinated, primarily those with risk factors, of course.”

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