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20.01.2022 – 05:15

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Baierbrunn (ots)

Painting, handicrafts, building towers: children are creative – and sometimes just a few stones, pine cones or feathers are enough. “When children have inspirational things on display, it encourages them to combine them in new ways – and that encourages creativity.”says the visual Artist Alessandra Dimitrawho are in Berlin with kindergarten children in the area early childhood cultural education works, in the current edition of pharmacy magazine “Baby and Family”.

It is important for parents that they care for their children “just let it go”. It doesn’t depend on the result, the happiness for the little ones lies in what they do. Are the children in her creative work deepened, this means for parents: Do not disturb! However, mum and dad can support the children by paying for a welcoming atmosphere where the children can get creative in peace, without anyone bothering that things can get dirty. And more important than providing the children with coloring books and the like is when the adults have real Interest show at the work of art and ask questions about it. Because through the attention the little artists feel strengthened.

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