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20.01.2022 – 05:00

Joint Welfare Association

Berlin (ots)

According to calculations by the Joint Research Center, a standard rate that protects against poverty should currently be 678 euros for a single adult and thus be more than 50 percent higher than the benefits currently granted in the basic security system. The Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband criticizes that the standard rate was arbitrarily reduced by statistical tricks. The most recent adjustment as of January 1st, 2022 by only three euros to currently 449 euros does not even compensate for the price development, it even leads to a real loss of purchasing power and is ultimately unconstitutional. The parity appeals to Federal Labor Minister Hubertus Heil to ensure that the standard rates are adjusted as needed. In the short term, the association is calling for emergency aid for people with basic security of 100 euros per month in order to at least compensate for the additional costs and inflation caused by the pandemic.

“The current standard rate is calculated in a tricky way, doesn’t go far enough and has long completely ignored the reality of people’s lives. The increase of only three euros at the turn of the year is a bad joke, in fact the situation for poor families has changed due to the real loss of purchasing power even deteriorated,” criticizes Ulrich Schneider, general manager of the joint general association.

The parity criticizes the government official calculation method and the existing update mechanism for annual adjustment as arbitrary and not suitable to secure the socio-cultural subsistence level required by the constitution. “The entire assessment system of the standard rate must be put to the test immediately, the statistical trickery must be ended and the benefits recalculated and really poverty-proof. Price developments such as the current one must be taken into account promptly,” demands Schneider.

In its current report, the Paritätische Forschungsstelle calculates the statistical manipulations in the standard rate that have been controversial for years and have also been criticized by other social organizations and the parliamentary groups DIE LINKE and Bündnis 90/Die Grünen and also makes an adjustment to the current price development. As a result, the standard rate for a single adult should currently be 678 euros instead of 449 euros.

“The needs-based and poverty-avoiding design of the standard rates is the basis of every reform of Hartz IV and also of the basic child security announced by the coalition. We will also measure this federal government by the fact that it does not leave the poorest alone in their misery for another legislative period, but going on the offensive in terms of poverty policy,” says Schneider. In order for people to receive short-term help in view of the ongoing pandemic and skyrocketing prices, the association is demanding immediate aid for people with basic security of 100 euros a month.

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