▷ Between art and chaos – this is how you encourage your children’s creativity

20.01.2022 – 05:15

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Introduction: Every child is creative by nature and loves to design things themselves, because creative processes make people happy. Marco Chwalek knows how to encourage children’s creativity:

Narrator: Whether it’s dressing up, doing handicrafts, painting or making music, children simply have fun creating new things, writes the pharmacy magazine “Baby und Familie”. Editor-in-chief Stefanie Becker explains to us why creativity is so important for children:

O-Ton Stefanie Becker: 14 seconds

“Creativity supports a child’s mental, emotional and physical development. Curiosity is aroused, because the little ones want to know how things work. They have a natural spirit of discovery and the adults can also encourage the children.”

Speaker: Please give us a concrete example of what you mean by the spirit of discovery:

O-Ton Stefanie Becker: 15 seconds

“If a child builds a tower with building blocks, for example, then it explores gravity. It keeps trying to stack the blocks on top of each other so that the tower doesn’t fall over. And so the little ones not only try building, but also painting or crafting tinkering off.”

Narrator: So if creativity is a guide in life, then of course parents want to support their children. What can you do?

O-Ton Stefanie Becker: 21 seconds

“By keeping simple things, for example, like scraps of fabric and cardboard rolls or pine cones, stones and leaves from a walk. And in a quiet place where something can go wrong, the children can let their ideas run free. And If the grown-ups then show genuine interest in the work of art, then the little ones are happy.”

Moderation: Children are creative all day long, even when cooking or repairing things. They think it’s great if they can take part, reports “Baby and Family”.

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