With everything! Throwing a metal fence at thieves prevents motorcycle theft

After the theft of a motorcycle from a delivery man on San Martín Avenue, in the Argentine community of San Vicente, an unusual scene to try to arrest criminals took place, because a merchant who was closing his premises answered the victim’s call for help and did his thing with the first thing he found at hand.

The moment, captured by some video surveillance cameras of the locals in the area, begins to go viral on social networks, as it was with a metal fence with which the tenant was able to stop the criminals who were aboard his recent robbery.

According to what was collected by local media, the events occurred this Tuesday, January 18, 2022, shortly after one in the afternoon after Diego Vareiro, a delivery man who was completing a delivery, was approached by one of the criminals to prevent him from noticing that an accomplice was stealing his means of work. After reacting to the robbery, the delivery man yelled for someone to try to stop the robbers.

A few meters further on, a merchant reacted to the delivery man’s request for help and took one of the bars of his premises throwing it to the floor just as the thieves passed knocking over the motorcycle on which they were riding; immediately the robbery victim comes running to the spot.

The images show two perspectives of the merchant’s heroic attempt, who despite the effort and initiative, did not prevent the thieves from fleeing the scene; A second motorcycle that was traveling on the same road at the time was also affected, it was a delivery man, who ended up on the ground apparently without serious injuries.

Although there were no arrests and the motorcycle was left with some damage from the fall, Vareiro acknowledges the man’s ability to react, which at least allowed the farm he works for to recover the vehicle. The thieves after fleeing on foot from the site boarded a vehicle in which two other people were waiting for them, witnesses said. without having been located so far.


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