Roberta Metsola, new president of the European Parliament

The Maltese popular MEP Roberta Metsola became president of the European Parliament for the second half of the community legislature, until 2024, and will be the third woman to hold this position in the history of the European Parliament, as well as the youngest and the first in come from the smallest country in the European Union.

In her first speech after being elected, Metsola wanted to warn against “false and cheap” nationalism and authoritarianism, “which do not offer solutions”, and asked to “counteract the anti-European narrative” of those who continue to “test the democratic values” of the Union.

Metsola took 458 votes out of 616 validly cast. The other two contenders, Swedish Greens Alice Bah Kuhnke and Spanish leftist Sira Rego, got 101 and 57 votes respectively.


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