Job offer for ex-Chancellor: Guterres wants to win Merkel for the UN

Status: 01/19/2022 07:29 a.m

Ex-Chancellor Merkel has a job offer from New York. UN Secretary-General Guterres would like to win the 67-year-old for an advisory role at the United Nations.

UN chief António Guterres has offered Angela Merkel an advisory role at the United Nations. As the dpa news agency learned from UN circles, Guterres offered Merkel the chair of a high-ranking advisory body on global public goods, which should potentially serve the entire world population across national borders.

Examples of global public goods are the ozone layer, but also, depending on the definition, internationally applicable regulations such as those on flight safety and global trade.

Offer to Merkel by letter

Accordingly, Guterres made the offer to Merkel in a letter. At the United Nations, however, the probability that she will accept the job offer from the UN headquarters on New York’s East River is considered to be rather low. An answer from Merkel is not yet available, it said. Officially, representatives of the United Nations did not want to comment on the offer.

Guterres wants high-level advisory board

The Advisory Board on Global Public Goods is one of Guterres’ flagship projects on United Nations reform in his second term, which began in early January.

In his report on transforming the UN last year, the secretary-general wrote: “I will ask a high-level advisory board, led by former leaders, to identify global public goods and other areas of common concern where improvements in governance are most urgently needed required are.”

According to Guterres, the corona pandemic has revealed major gaps in international cooperation. The envisaged advisory body should provide impetus for renewing practices and principles for action on a global level.

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