It’s OK to choose as much as you like, Interpark Tour Premium Domestic Travel ‘THE RED’

Interpark Tour has launched the domestic premium package ‘THE RED’ to pursue private and safe travel / Interpark Tour

Interpark Tour has launched the ‘THE RED’ domestic travel package that pursues private and safe travel. It is a premium product that allows you to travel alone in a small group.

Interpark Tour explained that it has chosen RED, an acronym from the first letter, as the name of the package to convey the meaning of taking a customized trip (Design your itinerary) by providing rest at a good accommodation, a vehicle (Rest&Ride), and delicious food (Eat). THE RED product uses luxury vehicles such as Mercedes-Benz and allows customers to set the desired departure and arrival destinations, and provides veteran drivers and guides. Through this, not only safe transportation, but also private and differentiated services are provided.

The products are divided into various themes such as golf, sports/activities, restaurants/life shots, nature/healing, hanok/luxury accommodations, and special days on the THE RED exhibition page. In addition, we plan to provide 100% customized high-quality service that customers want through a separate customized quotation service.

The choice of accommodation is also free. You can choose from a variety of accommodations, such as pool villas and hanok, that were not found in existing packages. A dedicated guide will accompany the travel itinerary without tips, options, or shopping, and provide special gifts and safe quarantine kits that can only be purchased at the destination.

To commemorate the launch of this package, Interpark Tour will issue an additional 10% discount coupon when booking THE RED themed products by February 28th. In addition, Interpark will hold an event in which 50,000 won of i-points, which can be used like cash, are paid to each team in the package.

By Son Go-eun, staff reporter [email protected]

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