Hocance, if possible, in a place where the winter sea is beautiful

Yellow Balloon recommends special hotels mainly in areas with beautiful winter seas / Yellow Balloon

Yellow Balloons prepared a special exhibition for winter sea travelers to welcome the winter vacation season.

In this domestic hotel special exhibition, hotel products in regions with attractive winter seas such as the East Coast (Gangneung, Pohang), the West Sea (Incheon, Taean), and the Namhae (Tongyeong, Yeosu) are sold at special prices. The hotels by region recommended by Yellow Balloon are ▲Gangneung (Skybay Hotel Gyeongpo, Hotel Topsten, Sun Cruise Resort & Yacht) ▲Pohang (Lahan Hotel, Benikea) ▲Incheon (The Week & Resort, Nest Hotel) ▲Taean (Anmyeondo) Plaza Hotel, Mali Hotel & Resort) ▲ Tongyeong (Stanport Hotel & Resort, Kumho Tongyeong Marina Resort) ▲ Yeosu (Sono Calm, Hidden Bay), etc. A coupon of up to 5% discount will be given to those who check-in by February 28th among customers who book the hotel recommended in this exhibition by February 15th.

By Son Go-eun, staff reporter [email protected]


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