COVID: Joe Biden admits he should have done more tests to detect the virus

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, admitted this Wednesday that his government should have done more tests to detect COVID-19 months ago and that this has contributed to the pandemic “fatigue”, especially after the arrival of the omicron variant, which he described as a “new enemy”.

In his conference for the first anniversary of his term, Biden denied having “promised too much” as a candidate.

Asked about the problems he has faced: the impact of the omicron variant and the issue of the vote, the president said he did not expect the level of obstructionism he has faced.

“I didn’t anticipate that there would be such a huge effort so that the most important thing would be for President Biden to get nothing. Think about it. What are the Republicans looking for? What are they looking for?”

He assured that although “the work is not finished” on the issue of combating COVID, “we will improve,” he said.

“I’m not asking for pie in the sky. I’m asking for practical things that the American people have been asking for a long time,” he said.

Despite the impact that omicron has had in the United States, Biden said he is satisfied with what has been achieved.

“We have done remarkably,” he says, “nobody has organized a strategic operation like me to get vaccines into the arms of Americans, I understand the frustration, but we have to put things on a scale.”

Changes in your government

Joe Biden assured the 2022 elections could be illegitimate, especially if the voting reforms that the Democrats are promoting are not approved, but they are not going to give up.

In addition, he indicated the next changes that he made starting his second year of government:

  1. Get out of here (the White House) more often, be with people more.
  2. Seek advice from outside experts, from academia, researchers, and bring them in. “I’ll look for more information, more constructive criticism.”
  3. Get deeply involved in the issue of the mid-term elections.

impose sanctions

On the other hand, the US president warned that there will be a “disaster” for Russia in case it decides to invade Ukraine.

He acknowledged that it is not very likely that Ukraine will join the OTAN early. “Before you have to resolve some issues”, including democratic ones.

However, he acknowledged that imposing sanctions on Russia over the Ukraine issue would have negative effects on the economies of the United States and Europe, but insists that for Russia the effect would be “devastating”.



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