Air Astana to resume Incheon-Almaty flights from the 20th

Air Astana resumes Incheon-Almaty routes from January 21 / Air Astana

Air Astana resumes the Incheon-Almaty route, which was suspended for two weeks due to local anti-government protests in Kazakhstan.

Air Astana will resume routes from Almaty at 1:20 am on the 20th and arrive in Incheon at 10 am on the same day. The next day departs Incheon at 2:10 am and arrives in Almaty at 5:55 am. Although there may be changes depending on the local situation, the flight is scheduled to depart twice a week from Almaty on Mondays and Thursdays and Incheon on Tuesdays and Fridays. Previously, Kazakhstan declared a national emergency for the entire region of Kazakhstan for two weeks from January 5 to 19, and as of the 19th, the state of emergency has been lifted in some regions and airport operations have resumed.

Meanwhile, Kazakhstan changed the entry procedure for foreigners from January 15. All entrants, regardless of whether or not they have been vaccinated, must submit a PCR-negative confirmation within 48 hours from the date of departure.

Reporter Eunji Lee [email protected]

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