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19.01.2022 – 19:46

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Excelra, a leading global data and analytics company, today announced the partnership for its Global Online Structure Activity Relationship Database (GOSTAR) with XtalPi Inc., an AI-based pharmaceutical biotechnology company that, with its Intelligent Digital Drug Discovery and Development Platform, is Reinventing the industry’s approach to drug discovery and development.

Excelra will provide ADMET datasets in the GOSTAR database to XtalPi Inc. as part of the partnership. GOSTAR’s ADMET data will support XtalPi’s predictive models. The data helps XtalPi to increase the success rate in the development of new chemical agents through high precision and predictability. GOSTAR’s well-annotated, high-quality ADMET datasets are created using a proprietary, QMS-ISO certified curation process powered by NLP and human intelligence.

GOSTAR offers comprehensive information on more than 8 million compounds, manually curated from a variety of sources such as patents and journal articles. The database contains over 29 million SAR-related data points. The well-structured relational database can be used for various applications in different phases of drug discovery and development, aiding in target validation, hit identification, early lead identification and optimization.

Min Xu, Senior Scientist, Research Manager of XtalPi Inc., stated: “At XtalPi Inc., we develop advanced AI-based algorithms to solve the challenges in the drug development process. The volume and quality of the data sets are always a big problem for us when we want to create high-precision predictive models. That’s why we consider GOSTAR to be a unique and valuable resource. This database has millions of data points covering the ADMET properties of various substances and is also trusted, structured and updated. We highly recommend GOSTAR to anyone involved in innovating drug development methodologies.”

Norman Azoulay, Product Manager at Excelra, commented: “Artificial intelligence and machine learning are leading to a paradigm shift in drug discovery and development. This partnership will help train XtalPi’s models to accurately predict efficacy and safety parameters, ultimately increasing the success rate in drug development.”

Information about XtalPi:

XtalPi is a pharmaceutical technology company aiming to reinvent the industry’s approach to drug discovery and development with its Intelligent Digital Drug Discovery and Development platform. Through the tight integration of quantum physics, artificial intelligence and powerful cloud computing algorithms, the XtalPi platform provides accurate predictions of the physiochemical and pharmaceutical properties of small molecule candidates for drug design, solid form selection and other important aspects of drug development. XtalPi is dedicated to improving the efficiency, accuracy and success rate of drug research and development and contributing to a healthier society worldwide. For more information, see http://www.xtalpi.com.

About Excelra:

Excelra’s data and analytics solutions power innovation in life sciences from molecule to market. The Excelra Edge is based on the harmonization of heterogeneous data sets and the application of innovative bioinformatics know-how and technologies to accelerate drug discovery and development with reliable and outcome-oriented insights. Excelra’s GOSTAR is available as an application that allows users to search, find and discover connections. Additionally, it is offered via APIs and as a downloadable dataset to support internal libraries and machine learning models.

For more information about GOSTAR, visit: www.gostardb.com

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