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19.01.2022 – 09:30

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Bonn (ots)

Ice, freezing cold and snowstorms with speeds of up to 80 km/h are currently threatening millions of people in Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. Record low temperatures of minus 14 degrees and more are expected in the coming days. The aid organization CARE therefore warns that the millions of Syrians who have fled, most of whom only live in makeshift accommodation, are particularly at risk from the cold.

“After around eleven years of war, the often severely traumatized refugees now have to endure life-threatening cold. This is another blow to millions of people whose lives are already unbearable,” reports Jolien Veldwijk, country director of CARE Syria. “It is almost unbearable when we see children in flip-flops and torn shirts running around in the life-threatening cold. Families are afraid they will freeze to death. Nevertheless, it currently seems as if international donors are getting tired of humanitarian aid in Syria because not even half of the financial resources needed to help in Syria are currently available. This urgently needs to be improved, otherwise more innocent people will die.”

To date, over 6.7 million people have been displaced within Syria. Almost as many refugees now live in neighboring countries such as Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. Most of them are sheltered in tents, shells or sheds, making them particularly vulnerable to the harsh winter conditions. CARE is particularly concerned about the situation of the countless displaced Syrian women and girls.

“In the cold winter, it is often mothers who eat last and children who freeze first. The makeshift shelters, lack of heating fuel and the use of hazardous materials to keep warm also endanger health and the environment”, says Veldwijk.

CARE teams are assisting with winter preparations across the region, helping to insulate tents, strengthen temporary shelters and distribute warm clothing, blankets and cash.

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