▷ Unbelievable / Commentary by Christian Matz on the Corona mess

19.01.2022 – 17:42

General Newspaper Mainz

Mainz (ots)

What has happened in the past few days in terms of “change in recovered status” and “validity of vaccination with Johnson and Johnson” is difficult to grasp. Firstly, because you now practically have to have completed a law degree in order to be able to say with some degree of legal certainty whether you are even allowed to go to the restaurant – depending on the vaccine, number, date, age, state, status of recovery and date of the PCR test. It is also hard to believe that such rules will be changed from now on – the term “Night and Fog Action” embellishes the process. Because such short-term, far-reaching and catastrophically communicated changes deeply interfere with fundamental rights. Just a moment ago one is considered recovered for six months; then Minister of Health Lauterbach explains in the Bundesrat that the period of time will now be determined by the RKI and the Paul Ehrlich Institute; the next day it says on the RKI website that you are now only considered to have recovered for three months. Virtually without warning. This is justified with scientific findings that have been supplied later, which are doubtful because other countries deal with them completely differently. In the RKI’s daily vaccination rate monitor, it suddenly no longer says “fully vaccinated”, but “basic immunization”. And finally, many Johnson and Johnson vaccinated people who once did not even choose this substance are considered unvaccinated or no longer boosted overnight. It doesn’t work that way, this procedure cannot and must not remain the way it is. And all of this casts a very bad light on the health minister. To say one thing very clearly: the unvaccinated people themselves are responsible for the fact that many adults have not yet been vaccinated. Among them are many who deny the danger posed by Corona – which means they dramatically underestimate the danger – and many enemies of our democracy . But the fact that many reasonable people no longer know what actually applies where, when and why – that is due to such communication catastrophes as in the past few days. The overall acceptance of corona policy suffers from such events, and they also open the floodgates to conspiracy theories. This is a very, very bitter realization.

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