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19.01.2022 – 15:05

AfD parliamentary group in the Bavarian state parliament

Munich (ots)

According to media reports, Markus Söder is aiming for a cabinet reshuffle. He wants to “refine” the “team” until the state elections. Every minister in Bavaria must have unchallenged “topic sovereignty”. Meanwhile, the CSU is struggling with a decline in membership and increasing dissatisfaction among the population with Söder’s restrictive Corona course.

Ulrich Singer, chairman of the AfD parliamentary group in the Bavarian state parliament, states:

“Prime Minister Markus Söder is gradually realizing that his skins are swimming away, but unfortunately the only principle that applies to him is: ‘The others are always to blame.’ Anyone who doesn’t follow his orders unconditionally is summarily removed from office.

Gradually, Söder fills the ministerial posts with loyal followers who do what he asks of them without objection. Or how else can you explain that a health minister who is a medical doctor was replaced by a lawyer who was completely unfamiliar with the subject?

Now he wants to rebuild his cabinet again, but above all to replace the particularly pale ministers so as not to go under completely in the 2023 state elections.

Let me tell you one thing, Herr Söder: if you surround yourself with conformists who only blindly follow orders and suppress any dissenting opinion, you cannot expect a respectable government to emerge. Your populist turnaround tactics are no longer of any use to you. Anyone who constantly changes their slogans and bases their entire policy on polls has lost their credibility at some point. That time has now come.

Don’t reshuffle the cabinet, set a good example and resign as Prime Minister, Herr Söder! You would be doing the Bavarian population, who you have been harassing for years, and the CSU a great favor.”

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