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19.01.2022 – 14:45

AfD parliamentary group in the Bavarian state parliament

Munich (ots)

The broadcaster ZDFkultur has allegedly identified racist content in several well-known children’s songs. For example, in the song “Who Stole the Coconut?” “racist” and “colonialist” stereotypes reproduced. The children’s song “Aramsamsam” corrupts the Arabic language. Moreover, bowing while singing could be seen as a mockery of Islam. The song “Caffee”, which warns against drinking coffee, is also racist and says: “The Turkish drink is not for children”. And the “Three Chinese with the double bass” would reflect “anti-Asian resentments”. After all, the questioning of the Chinese by the police would be “racial profiling”.

The media policy spokesman for the AfD parliamentary group in the Bavarian state parliament, Uli Henkel, who is also the BR Broadcasting Council, comments on this as follows:

“The gentlemen from public service broadcasting, who are highly paid by the fee payers, seem to be doing very well if they have nothing else to worry about than constantly fighting against a seemingly omnipresent racism. Even these harmless children’s songs are supposed to be racist, but the accusations are far-fetched. It’s particularly bizarre that there are no people in the song about the coconut. If ZDF censorship officers smell racism, where a ‘gang of monkeys’ rages through the jungle, then they may have a big racism problem themselves.

In any case, simple-minded stereotypes are usually spread by such language guards – especially the primitive cliché of the thoroughly racist German culture.

The AfD opposes this pathological negative fixation of mockery mockers with a relaxed relationship to tradition and folklore. That’s especially true for happy children’s songs.”

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