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19.01.2022 – 10:25

TÜV Association e. V

Berlin (ots)

+++ The TÜV association has completely revised and updated its leaflet 740 “Requirements for other motor vehicles – mobile homes” +++ New EU regulations, detailed information on the cooking area in the mobile home and on loading and unloading +++ This is how you avoid hurdles when registering new mobile homes +++

The so-called van life was already very popular before Corona, but the pandemic has caused a real boom in the mobile home industry: In 2020, the Federal Motor Transport Authority recorded an increase of 41.4 percent in new mobile home registrations compared to the previous year. “During the lockdown in Germany, traveling with your own roof over your head was very popular. During this time, many people started converting their own vans into mobile homes. However, the focus should always be on the safety of everyone involved,” says Frank Schneider , speaker for vehicle technology and service innovations. The TÜV association has now published its leaflet “Requirements for other motor vehicles – mobile homes” in a completely revised version. In it, he goes into the most important technical requirements that vehicles have to meet to be approved as mobile homes. “Especially after the conversion from a van to a mobile home, detailed questions are often important when it comes to approval. The version of leaflet 740 that has now been published provides an overview of the test points and creates a uniform basis for assessment,” says Schneider on the occasion of the publication.

The innovations at a glance

Since September 2020, EU (VO) 2018/858 has been a new legal area for type approval and individual approval of vehicles. This also includes the approval of mobile homes. In the revised leaflet 740, all innovations have been taken up and explained. Foodies among RV travelers will be interested in the supplementary information on the different types of cooking options. A section is also devoted to the permissible installation forms.

Also new are explanations for loading and unloading the mobile homes. When loading, the permissible total weight of the mobile home, which is recorded in the vehicle registration document, is increased. This is interesting for campers whose mobile home already has a high curb weight, so that the limit of 3.5 tons is quickly reached with only a small load. The vehicle owners can load up their mobile homes by converting the vehicle. In some cases, however, a certificate of non-objection from the manufacturer and the entry of this change in the vehicle registration document at the vehicle inspection office, for example in a TÜV branch, is sufficient. When unloading, a lower total weight is recorded in the vehicle registration document. This can, for example, lead to lower toll costs abroad or also allows younger drivers, who are only allowed to drive vehicles up to 3.5 tons, to take the wheel of the mobile home. But be careful when packing, because the penalties for overloading can quickly reduce the holiday budget. The revised leaflet 740 has also been supplemented with explanations for determining the empty weight and the permissible total weight of the mobile home. A completely restructured chapter on housing construction rounds off the innovations in the information sheet.

The approval of mobile homes

According to EU (VO) 2018/858, mobile homes fall under the category “M vehicles with special purpose”. In Germany they are classified as “other motor vehicles”. According to the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO), your minimum equipment includes a table, seating, sleeping accommodation, cooking facilities and facilities for storing luggage and other loose items during the journey. With the exception of the table, these items should be permanently installed in the living area of ​​the vehicle.

“If a vehicle is converted into a mobile home, its general operating permit usually expires,” says Schneider. In this case, the vehicle must first be inspected by an officially recognized expert, for example in a TÜV branch. The vehicle registration office can then issue a new operating license based on the report. If the vehicle class changes to “Other motor vehicle, mobile home”, this often has financial advantages in terms of vehicle tax and the insurance rate.

If you want to use your motorhome mainly as a camper, you should discuss the plans with a TÜV expert before the conversion. In this way, there are no nasty surprises or delays in approval at the end of the assessment.

The TÜV association leaflet 740

In the TÜV association leaflet 740 “Requirements for other motor vehicles – mobile homes” all the requirements that are relevant when registering a vehicle as a mobile home are listed and described in detail. It summarizes the national and international requirements for mobile homes and reflects the current state of the art. Experts from technical testing centers and technical services use it as a working basis for the assessment of vehicles, but can also be used as a starting point for the conversion of mobile homes. It is the first leaflet from the TÜV Association to appear under the new name “TÜV-Verband-Faflet” and in the new corporate design. The leaflet does not claim to be complete. It’s in the online shop (https://shop.tuev-verband.de/merkblaetter?suchbegriff=MB%20FZMO%20740&gefiltert=1) of the TÜV association at a price of EUR 39.52 as a PDF or EUR 43.10 in paper form.

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