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19.01.2022 – 13:02

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The data and AI-backed report identifies six notable trends that will define creative expression and boost marketing performance in 2022

Shutterstock, Inc. (NYSE: SSTK), a leading global creative platform providing full-service solutions, high-value content and applications for brands, enterprises and media companies, today announced the release of its annual Creative Trends Report known. This year’s interactive report, powered by search data from Shutterstock users worldwide, predicts that themes of time and space will dominate creative projects and marketing campaigns in 2022. Also new to this year’s report is performance data from Shutterstock.AI, showing which content is driving the highest click-through rates, giving creatives and marketers the insights they need to create and innovate with confidence.

The pandemic has confused the concept of time for many; as the days dissolve, the passage of time is processed differently. Shutterstock data shows that in 2022, creatives should visualize this overarching sense of losing track of time and space by entering new realms, eras, and possibilities in their marketing collateral. As virtual spaces continue to grow in popularity, this year’s report puts users right inside the metaverse through an enhanced interactive experience, allowing them to explore the trends via a personalized avatar.

“As we took a closer look at what the global Shutterstock community is searching for, it became clear that 2022 will be a year of pushing traditional boundaries and exploring the unknown,” said Flo Lau, creative director at Shutterstock. “There’s a feeling wanderlust and a desire to explore the fantastic and uncanny, and this year’s trends have captured just that. From the barren desert landscapes of the West to the neon reflections of a futuristic skyline, this year we’ll be testing the limits of our imaginations.”

The six creative trends for 2022 fall into two thematic categories: time and space.

Fantastic (14th century): With a worldwide obsession with medieval sagas such as Game of Thrones and The Witcher, the popularity of the Middle Ages continues to rise. Keywords like medieval buildings (+6496%), ancient shields (+2858%) and knights templar (+831%) have seen dramatic increases as creatives and marketers turn back time to dive into a realm of drama and adventure. According to Shutterstock.ai data, some of the most clicked content includes turrets, trophies, and axes, with locks being the most popular.

The Macabre (modern times): Spooky elements like Egyptian mummies (+6923%), beasts (+3623%) and grim reapers (+388%) aren’t just for Halloween. The search patterns show that the horror and thriller genres are making a comeback, with an emphasis on dystopian and post-apocalyptic futures.

Way Out West (18th-19th centuries): The data shows a surge in interest in cowboy culture, Wild West environments and prairie fields, with searches for “wild horses” up, for example, by 1961%. Western-themed images and videos are at the top of wish lists of marketers, with the popularity of Navajo patterns increasing 225% in the last year.

On The Road Again (Modern Era): Staying in your own four walls has awakened the urge to travel in millions of people around the world. Users are looking for bikes on the road (+14911%), mountain roads (+5763%) and in the badlands (+487%) to explore uncharted territory and less traveled trails from the comfort of their own home. Some of the most clicked content includes luggage and mountain ranges.

Cyberpunk Is Not Dead (2100er): In a world that constantly innovates and pushes technological boundaries, it’s not surprising that creatives are turning to high-tech aesthetics such as nighttime cityscapes, fractal backgrounds (+2955%) and female avatars (+1503%) to engage with the to keep up with changes. Some of the most clicked content includes sockets, webcams and LED.

What’s Cookin’ (Modern Era): Lockdowns around the world have prompted people to get back into the kitchen and seek inspiration from every nook and cranny of the world. Searches for regional specialties and ingredients like porcini (+2566%), takoyaki (+2024%) and panna cotta (+435%) are on the rise as creatives and marketers seek gastronomic inspiration from near and far. Some of the most clicked content includes pretzels and cupcakes.

In addition to these six global trends, Shutterstock has localized the trends report for some of our top markets for the first time: Brazil, France, Japan, the US and the UK. These national reports highlight the top three trends in each of these countries, such as: B. “The Art of Living” in Japan and “Dragon (On and On)” in the US, using our local search and click data. In addition, the 2022 report also educates our global audience on the top local search terms across 26 different countries, from Chile to Norway.

See the full Creative Trends report here.

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