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19.01.2022 – 18:06

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A city that dresses in white in winter and shines in the most beautiful shades of green after the cold season: San Martín de los Andes in Argentine Patagonia is a paradise surrounded by a landscape where the mountains are within reach, the lakes are deep blue and the hiking trails are stunningly beautiful.

1. Kayaking in Quila Quina

Just 18 kilometers from the center of San Martin de los Andes is the enchanting village of Quila Quina, where you can breathe the purest and clearest air in the area, surrounded by picturesque landscapes.

The ways to get there depend on the adventurous spirit of the traveler: it is possible by land or by sea. Whichever option you choose, the panoramic view is unique with both options. The land route includes part of the mythical Route 40, Argentina’s longest road, crossing the country from north to south. In addition, driving along the mountain ranges by car offers impressive views of Lake Lácar and the lush forests of the region.

Once at your destination, relax on the lake shore with a mate tea and then rent a kayak to paddle the iconic Lácar. Seeing the deep blue of the water up close is a unique experience and makes a visit to the lake a must.

2. Trekking to Mirador Bandurrias viewpoint

The hike starts in the city center and finally leads through dreamy landscapes to one of the most beautiful, natural vantage points of all: the Mirador Bandurrias. From here you can enjoy an incredible panoramic view. And although the end of the route is the real highlight, the hike to the viewing platform is in no way inferior. The cypress forests mark out a clear route, suitable for both experienced hikers and trekking beginners. What can you see from Mirador Bandurrias? Some of the best landscape paintings that San Martín de los Andes has to offer. The city rises on one side, ensnared by Lake Lácar and the adjacent coast, and in the distance is Mount Chapelco.

3. Diving in Lake Lácar

Infinite turquoise, the sound of the waves generated by the boat and wild nature as far as the eye can see. In short, this is how a dive in one of the most important lakes in Patagonia can be described. The lake is of Ice Age origin, is under the protection of the Lanín National Park and is rich in beaches, bays and cliffs. In addition to the possibility of enjoying the lake from the shore or exploring it on a catamaran, there is an ideal activity for adrenaline junkies: dives into the depths of the lake are offered to discover the flora and fauna below the water level. Diving in the Lácar is possible under the guidance of professionals and with appropriate equipment to experience the wonders hidden under the blue. For those who don’t dare to dive deep, the experience also comes in the form of snorkeling.

4. Ascent to Cerro Chapelco

The winter season between July and September is rich in snowy slopes on Mount Chapelco and is therefore ideal for lovers of winter sports. Whether you are an experienced skier or snowboarder or a beginner, whether you are looking for adrenaline-packed activities or a leisurely break with friends and family: there is something for everyone. But that’s not all: when the winter season draws to a close in September, the white blanket of snow on the slopes slowly begins to melt and gives way to the fresh green that heralds spring and summer. And with the new season, activities for hikers also begin. The hike along trekking paths, accompanied by experts, offers a breathtaking panoramic view of Lake Lácar and the Lanín Volcano, and passes through the diverse vegetation of the region.

5. Sunset view from Mirador Arrayanes

You can experience the sunset, also called “golden hour”, of the province of Neuquén amidst beautiful landscapes. The Mirador Arrayanes viewpoint is the ideal place to admire San Martín de los Andes from above and observe the perfect harmony between the city and Lake Lácar. The view during the day is already impressive, but the real magic comes in the evening when the sun goes down and colors the sky in shades of orange. The reflection of colors on the water, the mountains that feel closer than ever and the deep silence that nature gives us make for a unique, unforgettable experience. And if you then make a good toast to Patagonian beer, nothing is left to be desired.


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