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19.01.2022 – 16:53


Berlin (ots)

Despite the postponed introduction of the e-prescription, a restructuring on the pharmacy market is noticeable. For more than 50 percent of the owners surveyed, the migration of customers to mail order in 2021 was one of the biggest obstacles to business. Therefore, in 2022, expanding the customer base has top priority. This shows a current market analysis by aposcope based on a survey of 510 owners, branch managers, pharmacists and PTA.

Overall, the majority of the owners surveyed rated the 2021 financial year as “very good” or “good”, despite the fact that customers are migrating to mail order. The general contact restrictions and the fear of an increased risk of infection in business premises during the corona pandemic could be the trigger for the falling frequency. The mail order business, for its part, was able to benefit from these changed framework conditions. In addition to securing, increasing customer frequency for pharmacies in 2022 is also of great importance.

The majority of the pharmacy employees surveyed assume that Corona will continue to have a strong impact on the business operations of pharmacies in 2022. Vaccination passport falsifications pose the greatest challenge, followed by planned vaccinations in pharmacies and the supply of corona vaccines to medical practices. The latter was a onerous challenge for on-site pharmacies, especially during the survey period due to the lack of deliveries.

During the pandemic, many respondents were dissatisfied with the performance of the federal government and the federal ministry of health. On the other hand, there was exceptional praise for the support from wholesalers and manufacturers of herbal medicines.

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Note on the methodology

For the aposcope study “On-site pharmacies in Germany – status quo and perspectives 2022”, a total of 510 verified owners, branch managers, pharmacists and PTAs were surveyed online from December 27, 2021 to January 3, 2022. The participants answered more than 40 questions on various topics. All information about the study is available here.

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