▷ Omicron wave in Germany: A difficult transition period / Commentary by Bernhard …

19.01.2022 – 22:49

badish newspaper

Friborg (ots)

Apparently, the assessment of many virologists was correct: with the advent of omicron, so they pointed out, sooner or later everyone will be infected with the corona virus. (…) The fact that the population is being immunized step by step is not a bad thing. On the contrary: it takes the fear out of the pandemic. The only difficult thing is the transition period until then. Because even if the infection is currently affecting younger people in particular and the clinics are therefore not at their peak, Omikron can increasingly affect older people in the coming weeks. It is therefore still far too early to give the all-clear for the hospitals. Vaccination will therefore remain the drug of choice for the foreseeable future. But now there is less vaccination than last time. (…) It is all the more important to break new ground. In December, Hamburg’s job centers sent 32,000 of their over 50-year-old customers a personal invitation to be vaccinated. http://www.mehr.bz/khs20j

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