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Lachen, Switzerland, June 12 /PRNewswire/

The virtual symposium, taking place on Wednesday, February 2, 2022 at 18:00 CET, will present the testimony of the Rodriguez family and their two sons, both with hemophilia A, a family facing the challenges of inhibitor management .

The development of inhibitors by factor VIII replacement therapy (FVIII) continues to be a major concern for people with hemophilia A and their families. These problems are particularly pronounced in families with a history of inhibitor development who have already experienced the problems associated with living with an inhibitor. These include an increased risk of bleeding and reliance on less effective therapies to treat bleeding. Therefore, there is a strong interest in minimizing the risk of inhibitors developing and, if they do develop, in finding effective approaches to combat them.

The virtual satellite symposium, titled “A family story: Navigating key inhibitor management challenges in haemophilia A,” will highlight the challenges Jacqueline and Justin and her two sons, Justin-Rae and Jace. The doctor treating the two boys, Dr. William Beau Mitchell of the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore, Bronx, New York. “It is imperative for parents that their children receive excellent all round bleeding prophylaxis and it is therefore important that they are inhibitor free to enable effective therapy“, so Dr. Mitchell.

During the symposium, an international team of leading clinicians will discuss the history of the Rodriguez family and their experience with a recombinant FVIII product derived from a human cell line. Important clinical issues such as the need for bleeding prophylaxis and minimization of inhibitors in previously untreated children, the use of immune tolerance induction (ITI) to eliminate inhibitors, and future clinical trials of inhibitor treatment are presented and discussed.

From talking to patients and their families, we know that the development of inhibitors against FVIII remains a major concern“, comments Larisa Belyanskaya, Head of IBU Hematology at Octapharma. “At Octapharma, we strive to provide solutions that aim to minimize the number of inhibitors in people with hemophilia A.”

Octapharma Board Member Olaf Walter added: “At Octapharma, we are committed to improving the lives of patients, and we see the importance of our work when we hear first-hand the experiences of patients and their families affected by Hemophilia A.”

Find out more about Octapharma’s activities at the EAHAD 2022 Virtual Congress here.

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