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19.01.2022 – 14:34

AfD parliamentary group in the Bavarian state parliament

Munich (ots)

The budget spokesman for the AfD parliamentary group in the Bavarian state parliament, Ferdinand Mang, comments as follows:

“Last year, every inhabitant of Bavaria had to pay around 687 euros for other federal states. For 13 years, the Free State has carried around half of the total compensation payments. In total, Bavaria paid in over 98 billion euros, but only received 3.4 billion euros. With solidarity, nothing more to do with this injustice. This is an exploitation of our hard-working citizens! The reform of the state financial equalization system in 2020 has not resulted in politicians, who often have no completed vocational training and do not know what work is, doing business better. They continue to hold raise your hand. It can’t go on like this!”

The financial policy spokeswoman for the AfD parliamentary group, Katrin Ebner-Steiner, agrees with him:

“Bavaria pays, and in the insatiable recipient countries left-wing green university dropouts squander billions of euros for our citizens on bicycle parking spaces and gender toilets. In its current black book, the taxpayers’ association has given a few examples of how our money is handled in Berlin alone: ​​3.7 million euros were for the conversion of the central bus station ZOB. Bad planning led to a cost explosion to at least 39.1 million euros. So more than tenfold! A bridge over the Spandau shipping canal costs more than nine instead of the originally planned 2.9 million euros. At least 4, The socialist rent cap plan that failed before the Federal Constitutional Court devoured 7 million euros. And so it will continue if we don’t end the mismanagement. Only the AfD has the political will to do so.”

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