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19.01.2022 – 18:00

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Berlin (ots)

Government work seems to have started in the area of ​​armaments and defense policy. However, it was not the SPD Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht who made the serve, but the chairwoman of the Defense Committee Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann (FDP). Your statements related to Ukraine seem like an agenda of their own and also occupied the foreign ministers at the four-country meeting USA, France, Great Britain and Germany.

Strack-Zimmermann initially put an essential point of the coalition agreement up for discussion. Deliveries of weapons to crisis areas are generally excluded. “In view of the current situation and the impact on our continent, we should reconsider this in a specific case,” said the FDP politician. She wants to supply “defensive weapons”, pondered a possible cyber attack by Russia on Ukraine and has already verbally mobilized the German cyber troops.

Instead, one should think first and foremost about how willingly a coalition partner, which has already massively steered the coalition negotiations in the direction of its own interests, now strides into foreign policy with war rhetoric. In particular, federal politicians should refrain from using the propaganda and framing term “defensive weapons” in order not to lose credibility in peace policy issues. The term fits into the war rhetoric of the USA, which never tired of speaking of “surgical precision” in its air strikes during the Iraq war.

The fact that the FDP is now receiving support from the ranks of the CDU for this line also raises the question of who the Liberals actually want to govern with.

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