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19.01.2022 – 15:56

SWR – Southwest Broadcasting

Mainz (ots)

The political magazine “On the matter of Rhineland-Palatinate!” reports on the increasing corona numbers and their possible consequences on Thursday, January 20, 2022, from 8:15 p.m. on SWR television and then in the ARD media library / Moderation: Britta Krane

Every day more people are infected with the corona virus. For the first time, the number of newly infected people was more than 100,000 in one day. The incidences are going through the roof in the cities, such as in Bad Kreuznach and Kaiserslautern. But could that also indicate an end to the pandemic? The course of the disease in the omicron variant is significantly milder than in the delta variant. Has the time come to embrace the virus like a flu epidemic and achieve herd immunity? The first experts are already saying that the infection is the best booster for vaccinated people. But what would that mean for seniors and people with pre-existing conditions? Will the clinics deal with it and what about Long-Covid, i.e. possible corona complications? The “Zur Sache Rheinland-Pfalz” reporters Luisa Szabo and Jörg Armbrüster looking for answers.

Other topics of the show:

  • Ryanair and the future of Hahn Airport – Does the insolvent Hunsrück Airport still have a chance in the competitive flight business?
  • Green electricity from the vineyard – Farmers and electricity producers want subsidies for solar domes over vineyards and orchards
  • Trouble in the Alzeyer development area – owners of penthouses should lower the flat roofs of their homes
  • CDU after a disastrous election year – what does the renewal of the party in Rhineland-Palatinate look like?
  • Repair instead of throwing away – New traffic light government wants to enforce the right to repair and spare parts
  • To the point pin: e-waste
  • Controversial advertising via Facebook – Green Ministry of the Environment answers “major inquiry” from the opposition on microtargeting

“On the matter of Rhineland-Palatinate!”

The SWR political magazine “On the matter of Rhineland-Palatinate!” reports on the issues that move the country.

ARD Mediathek: After the broadcast, the program and its individual contributions are on www.ardmediathek.de/swr/ and www.SWR.de/zur-sache-rheinland-pfalz.de to see.

Press contact:

Press contact: Sibylle Schreckenberger, Tel. 06131 929-32755,
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