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19.01.2022 – 14:00

KERN GmbH spindle full service


Markus and Michael Kern are the management heads behind Kern GmbH. The spindle full service company carries out spindle repairs for all manufacturers and brands. The quality work ensures long running times and the highest precision performance of the spindles. In this way, Kern GmbH helps other companies to save costs in the long term. The father-son company with its 30 employees is one of the TOP 3 spindle repair providers worldwide.

Spindles are the core of CNC machines, machines that turn, grind or mill and are used to manufacture components for cars, airplanes and transmissions. Such spindle units are very complex and form the heart of large machines weighing up to 20 tons. Thousands of medium-sized companies, but also large corporations such as Daimler, Bosch and ZF use them. Therefore they are of great importance. Machining spindles – whether motor spindles or mechanically driven – are exposed to immense forces because they rotate at high speed and process material. That’s one reason they break regularly. But what do you do in such a case?

For Markus and Michael Kern, the solution was obvious early on. With Kern GmbH they carry out spindle repairs and at the same time increase the quality of the spindles. The company was founded 21 years ago by Markus Kern. His son Michael Kern joined the company seven years ago and has been part of the management for three years. The management duo has a clear division of tasks. Markus Kern is responsible for technical tasks, calculation and the offer portfolio. Michael Kern is responsible for marketing, sales, public image, digitization and trade fair organization.

Why spindle repair is so important to a variety of businesses

The manufacturers in the automotive, transmission and aircraft construction are faced with this situation: There are important machine manufacturers for production technology on the one hand and spindle manufacturers for milling, grinding and turning spindles on the other. If the customer buys a machine including a spindle, he receives a two-year guarantee with all-round care. If the spindle breaks after the warranty has expired, this means machine downtime and loss of production. In this case, the company concerned can contact the manufacturer and order a replacement spindle or replacement spindle. However, these are often not available. Conversely, long waiting times for an order mean long production losses. In addition, the quality of the replacement spindles is often not comparable to new spindles. A third important factor: replacement spindles are more expensive than spindle repairs.

Kern GmbH offers these advantages to its customers

When a company visits Kern GmbH with a damaged spindle, they can expect more than just repairs. During repairs, the company optimizes the performance of the spindles. Durability and precision are thus significantly increased. As a result, customers need repairs much less often and the quality of their own production also increases.

Kern GmbH convinces with the speed of its repair service. The father-son duo is aware of how desperately their customers have to get production back on track. This is how Kern GmbH manages to repair even complex and large spindles in just six days. Thanks to customer feedback, it is known that the repaired spindles are more precise, more durable and quieter than, for example, replacement spindles. The increased quality has a positive effect on the client.

To date, Kern GmbH has succeeded in halving the failure rates for spindles for 500 to 600 customers within two years. This enabled them to sustainably reduce their costs. The family business is often the last point of contact in the event of machine downtime and spindles that are so badly damaged that manufacturers no longer want to repair them. Kern GmbH repairs the supposedly non-repairable spindle units with the highest quality. This specialist area is about accuracies of a thousandth of a millimeter.

What distinguishes Kern GmbH from similar providers on the market?

The know-how of Kern GmbH goes back to many years of experience. Founder Markus Kern is a qualified specialist. He was involved in the development of motor spindles in the 1990s and worked with universities and Swiss spindle manufacturers. He also developed the first major contingency analysis. This specialist knowledge provides Kern GmbH with important knowledge for repairing spindles with the highest precision.

Today, Kern GmbH works for major corporations worldwide and is one of the three largest spindle repair providers internationally. In 2019, the family business moved into a new building with almost 3,000 m³. It is currently considered the most modern of its kind in Europe. For this purpose, the family business has developed a modern test stand together with a Swiss electrical engineer over the last ten years, which is continuously updated and improved. With this you are able to optimally test all motors and motor spindles.

What is Kern GmbH planning for the next few years?

In the future, Kern GmbH plans to expand its team in order to be able to act even faster and more flexibly. They would also like to make their service available to other European countries and expand their market shares throughout Europe in order to help even more customers to improve the service life of the spindles. “We want to ensure that the availability of machines from suppliers and users in other countries also increases significantly in the long term,” Michael Kern explains the goal.

Every year, Markus and Michael Kern and their team repair 600 spindles – 80 percent of which are large tool spindles. This rate is expected to be much higher in the future. The company is also working intensively on the digitization of marketing and sales. In addition, there is increased commitment to quality management. Because quality is always the top priority at Kern GmbH.

Do you have a problem with your spindle and would you like competent advice or a quick repair that will make your spindle even more efficient and powerful? Contact Markus and Michael Kern from the Kern Ltd.

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