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19.01.2022 – 08:45

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They’ve broken up, fallen out of love, or remained connected after their relationship ended – dislike or friendship or something in between. What happens when you get back together for the first time after tumultuous breakups? living together again? And sticking together again to fight for 100,000 euros together?

These eight ex-couples want to find out in the new celebrity show “Prominent Separated – The Villa of the Exiles”. The 8 episodes can be seen on RTL from Tuesday, February 22 at 8:15 p.m. and are available a week earlier on RTL+.

Has time healed all wounds? Will the ex-couples at the villa manage to trust each other again and fight for victory on the show together? But there is much more at stake: old feelings are brought up again – everything is on the table. The fight for the 100,000 euros is not only decided by games and feelings, but also by the favor of the roommates. Who goes and who stays? “Prominently Separated – The Villa of the Exiles” not only brings these eight ex-celebrity couples to their emotional limits, but far beyond.

Michelle Daniaux & Luigi “Gigi” Birofio (both reality stars & influencers) met on “Ex on the Beach” in 2020. Only after their participation did the two officially become a couple. The blonde repeatedly accused her chosen one of being too possessive. However, Gigi himself didn’t let anything burn. He had to make a choice: love or freedom. Ultimately, Michelle split from Gigi after a year. The fire of their passion doesn’t seem to have completely died out yet.

Meike Emonts & Marcus Muth (Influencer & nurse and industrial engineer & independent financial service provider): Their on-off relationship started in 2018 at the gym. Right after their first date, the two started doing what they do best: “power games.” It was up and down until 2020, until Meike separated from Marcus a few weeks after the recordings of “Temptation Island”. The two blocked each other, but the radio silence didn’t last long. Meike is certain: “There will definitely not be a love-hate comeback.”

Cecilia Asoro & Markus Kok (Model & waitress and investment manager at Mercedes): In 2019, Cecilia was looking for happiness in love with the bachelor, instead she found a friend who introduced her to Markus. Cecilia quickly moved in with Markus with her new dog. But the two only argued and after almost nine months they went their separate ways. Only the dog ensured further contact. The two Düsseldorfers haven’t quite finished with each other yet, although they react to each other like fire and water, as Cecilia describes it.

Doreen Dietel & Patrick Eid (Former actress & restaurateur and music producer, businessman & restaurateur): When Doreen came to Deggendorf in 1989 after reunification, she met Patrick at work. For the first date, he picked up his Doreen from her workplace. After some time, Doreen accepted Patrick’s suggestion to work in his company. After about three years, the two separated because Doreen wanted to move away and become an actress. The former dream couple has not seen each other for 15 years.

Lena Schiwora & Robin Riebling (influencer & reality personality and self-employed in marketing) were the “Temptation Island” dream couple of the first season! They’ve resisted temptation and got engaged to crown it all on TV. Everything seemed perfect, but then came the shock of separation in 2021. Lena wanted more and was looking for new love on “Love Island”. Robin is still hoping for a new chance, but Lena wants to show Germany that you can get along well with your ex and be a team.

Carina Spack & Serkan Yavuz (both influencers & reality stars) – It wasn’t love at first sight for the two of them. It all started surprisingly in 2019 with “Bachelor in Paradise” when Serkan first tried Carina’s competitor Jade. Then the tide turned. The two lovebirds spent the rest of their time in paradise together. After only a year of long-distance relationship, the separation and a media mudslinging followed, and even now both don’t seem to have buried the hatchet.

Jenny Elvers & Alex Jolig (Actress/Host/Reality Star and Artist & Partner in the Motorcycle Business): After Alex’s participation in “Big Brother” in 2000, their scandalous love story began. At that time, Jenny was still in a relationship with Heiner Lauterbach. The approximately 6-month liaison between Jenny and Alex did not go unnoticed in the tabloids. Jenny got pregnant and single again straight away. Alex and his wife Britt have only recently regained contact with Jenny and their son Paul (20) and are all friends despite the need for clarification.

Sarah Joelle Jahnel & Dominik Wirlend (singer/reality star/it girl and tennis pro/tennis coach/model) met in Mallorca in 2018 and, according to Dominik, spent their “greatest evening” together. This was followed by a one-year long-distance relationship full of ease. Sarah Joelle ended the relationship in 2019 after an argument. Nevertheless, the physical attraction is still there, laughs the awarded tennis pro: “Sleeping in a bed with Sarah Joelle? That would be hell”. With “Prominent Separated” they have the opportunity to prove themselves as a team outside of bed…

“Prominently Separated – The Villa of the Exiles” is a Seapoint Productions production for RTL and RTL+.

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