▷ Inflation rate and shortage of skilled workers – companies are increasing their salary budgets

19.01.2022 – 11:45

Lurse AG

Dusseldorf (ots)

A survey recently conducted by Lurse on the subject of salary budgets for 2022 shows an exciting result: compared to the forecasts from summer 2021, some companies are adjusting their plans. While the average budget for salary increases in the summer was 2.6%, companies are now planning an average of 2.8%. This is an increase of 0.2% and a clearly visible recovery compared to the pandemic-stricken 2021. The total budget made available for pay rises was just 1.9% – an all-time low.

The main results in brief:

  1. According to our study on income trends for 2021/2022 conducted in the summer, 18% of the companies surveyed have adjusted their plans again, 20% are still undecided about an adjustment or were unable to provide any information and 62% have not changed their plans.
  2. The most common reasons for adjusting the increase budgets were the increased inflation rate of the last year (50% of the responses), followed by the shortage of skilled workers (42%) and, with 23% of the responses, the high inflation forecasts for 2022 and the general uncertainty of the economic situation.
  3. Compared to last year, it is noticeable that all employee groups will benefit to a similar extent from the budget adjustments this time – in 2021 the increase budgets for top management were primarily adjusted.
  4. The proportion of companies planning a zero round has also increased compared to the summer 2021 survey. These freeze rounds affect almost all employee groups equally, with the exception of collective bargaining functions. Apparently, some companies that were still unsure about potential budgets in the summer have opted for this “zero variant”.
  5. However, it is positive to note that the absolute proportion of companies with “zero” budgets has decreased significantly compared to the previous year. A bit of optimism seems to be spreading.

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