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19.01.2022 – 18:35

Exide Technologies

Gennevilliers, France, June 12 /PRNewswire/

Motion+ Fleet offers a complete, web-based fleet management solution for forklift batteries and chargers

Guarantees optimization of battery consumption and productivity, ultimately leading to improved warehouse efficiency and cost savings

Exide invests in one of the largest cloud providers to ensure data protection, easy access for site managers and easy user management

Motion+ Fleet is the star product of the upcoming new Motion+ Smart Tools series

Exide Technologies (www.exidegroup.com) – To ensure warehouses are operating at maximum capacity and confident that they can easily and reliably manage forklift batteries and charging stations, Exide Technologies has launched its new cloud-based system, Motion+ Fleet.

The new fleet management tool turns logistics into detailed, real-time data. It enables warehouse managers to convert their gut feeling into facts and make informed decisions about battery use – from anywhere in the world.

Motion+ Fleet helps users run their warehouses more efficiently:

  • Health and status monitoring individual batteries Real time, e.g. B. runtimes, power consumption and load, with easy-to-read traffic light reports
  • Automatically generated alerts by E-Mail receive , when a battery is not working at maximum capacity
  • Maximizing uptime by anticipating upcoming problems. This means that the user can act immediately and avoid both disruption and frustration
  • Efficient management the energy consumption of a location, e.g. B. Avoidance of energy peaks during charging, and thus stabilization of costs
  • Overall, with Motion+ Fleet optimizes the total cost of ownership, which simplifies processes and avoids errors

The complete digitization of the data not only allows users to manage all operations centrally from one place, but also protects the security of their assets thanks to the cooperation with a leading cloud provider.

The right solution for every customer need

The Ultimate option is perfect for businesses with multiple locations as it offers the customer the ability to manage an unlimited number of chargers, which is unique in the market.

With over a decade of experience developing fleet management systems, Exide knows what matters to customers: responding to the efficiency demands placed on warehouses and helping them achieve their goals. This new and sophisticated fleet management tool allows warehouses to stay in Motion+.

Magnus Ohlsson, Motive Power Business Director EMEA at Exide Technologies, said: “Motion+ Fleet is the perfect solution for customers who need their entire warehouse with just a few clicks want to control ! It manages the efficiency of their charger and battery fleets, with no surprises, so they can focus on other issues and let the system do the hard work.”

Tested and validated in the real world

A leading retailer of sanitary, heating and bathroom supplies in Germany put Motion+ Fleet through its paces and commented on the positive effects of the tool: “Thanks to Motion+ Fleet we were able to monitor and plan our new battery orders much better and we didn’t have batteries unnecessarily ordered, which saved us money,” said a company spokesman.

A whole new pack of Motion+ Smart Tools

Globalization is changing the world. Warehouse managers are faced with the challenge of constantly rethinking the efficiency of their company. To do this, they need flexible intralogistics solutions at the highest level in order to solve tomorrow’s tasks today.

Exide Technologies works on contemporary products and solutions so that customers can keep up with the evolving world. Motion+ Fleet is the flagship of the new Motion+ Smart Tools series, designed to offer customers innovative digital and cloud-based solutions and other value-added tools and services related to industrial batteries and chargers.

About Exide Technologies

Headquartered near Paris, France, Exide Technologies is a leading provider of advanced energy storage solutions for the automotive and industrial markets. The company develops, manufactures and markets current and next-generation battery technologies used in a wide range of applications from automotive and off-highway vehicles to material handling, stationary equipment, rail vehicles and defense systems. Exide Technologies serves the global markets with best-in-class battery technologies, know-how and value-added services under many well-known brands. As an original equipment manufacturer to leading automotive and industrial equipment manufacturers, Exide Technologies has been involved in many of the energy storage breakthroughs that are enabling innovation across all markets. With two research and development facilities, nine manufacturing facilities and three recycling facilities in Europe, Exide is committed to quality engineering, manufacturing and recycling, helping its customers provide the world with the most efficient energy solutions and maximize their productivity and performance. Exide generates annual sales of around 1.5 billion euros.

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