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19.01.2022 – 09:56

Nestlé Germany AG

Frankfurt am Main (ots)

Nestlé supports people in need: Up to and including February, more than 150 Nestlé employees voluntarily work shifts at the local distribution points of the Frankfurter Tafel. In Bonames, Bornheim, Höchst, Preungesheim, Rödelheim, Sachsenhausen, Seckbach, in the train station district and in the Gallus district, they help the volunteer teams to receive, sort, pack and distribute the groceries.

“Helpers: inside and food donations are extremely important, especially in the Corona crisis, in order to be able to maintain our offer. For us, the commitment of each individual counts,” emphasizes Rainer Häusler, Chairman of the Frankfurter Tafel eV.

For the colleagues at Nestlé in Frankfurt, the relief campaign is a heart project. After they had expressed the wish to support people in the local area, the voluntary work was coordinated together with the food banks. The campaign is now taking place for the second time in the cold season and will last for several months.

“I have great respect for the physically as well as psychologically demanding work of the voluntary helpers of the Tafel. Their perseverance and their always open ear for the concerns and needs of their customers impressed me very much during my work and strengthened how important it is voluntary work,” sums up Elke Schöndube from Nestlé Purchasing.

Nestlé promotes the commitment of its employees according to the motto “We make it easy”: Interested colleagues from Frankfurt can use up to three working days for their voluntary work. “Society has had another difficult year full of challenges. Not least because of the ongoing pandemic, many people are dependent on support, for example with the supply of food. We at Nestlé want to help actively and unbureaucratically – and not just around public holidays , but continuously throughout the year,” says Ralf Hengels, Chief Human Resources Officer at Nestlé Germany.

According to Tafel Deutschland eV, the social situation worsened significantly in 2021: 40 percent of the food banks recorded an increase in customers in the past year. The number of people at the Tafel who were affected by short-time work rose by 35 percent. The proportion of people with ALG II receipts and pensioners who were dependent on the support of the Tafel also increased. At the same time, work at the food banks became more complex and expensive due to the Corona crisis and the necessary protective measures. In addition, older volunteers in particular paused their commitment and food donations decreased in many places in Germany while demand increased at the same time. The Frankfurter Tafel also supported more customers in 2021 than in the previous year, but was able to rely on the consistently high willingness of the population and companies to donate.

In 2021, Nestlé Germany, as a long-standing partner company of the Tafel, donated more than 2,500 pallets of food to Tafel locations nationwide. In 2022, Nestlé will continue to expand its social commitment in Germany, support projects and initiatives and strengthen partnerships with Tafel Deutschland eV, for example.

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