▷ Fire: Worldwide threat to Christians continues to grow dramatically

19.01.2022 – 14:13

CDU/CSU – parliamentary group

Berlin (ots)

The CDU/CSU parliamentary group continues to do everything in its power to defend the human right to freedom of religion

The non-denominational, Christian aid organization Open Doors has its annual world persecution index today, Wednesday. The chairman of the working group on human rights and humanitarian aid of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group, Michael Brand, explains:

“As members of the largest religious community in the world, Christians are most affected by the violation of the elementary human right to religious freedom. The number of oppressed and persecuted Christians continues to grow, the intensity of the threat is not decreasing. This is confirmed by the current world persecution index of the Christian aid organization Open Doors, the appears annually.

The development remains a matter of great concern and at the same time encourages us not to relax in our commitment to religious freedom – especially for Christians, who are denied the right to freely practice their faith in over 76 countries. Our solidarity also applies to all persecuted and oppressed religious minorities.

At the beginning of the electoral period, the CDU/CSU parliamentary group therefore asked the federal government to submit the application ‘Continue international commitment to the human right to freedom of religion and belief – continue office of the Federal Government Commissioner for worldwide religious freedom‘ (Drs. 20/267) urged to continue the commitment of the former Union-led federal government and to take further initiatives to protect the human right to freedom of religion.

With the World Persecution Index, the Christian aid organization draws attention to another development that poses an additional serious threat to central human rights. China’s negative model of ideological and centralized control of all religions has been copied by other authoritarian regimes. That’s how Vietnam and Cuba adopted the model.”


The 2022 World Persecution Index includes a ranking of 50 countries where Christians are most persecuted. The list this year is headed by Afghanistan. Afghan Christians are converts. Since the extremist Taliban came to power, they have been threatened with assassination if they are discovered. North Korea now ranks second, although the situation of Christians there has not improved. Somalia (3rd place), Libya (4th place) and Yemen (5th place) follow. The number of Christians killed for their faith has risen to 5,898 from 4,761 the year before. 79 percent of the documented cases (in absolute number: 4,650) can be attributed to Nigeria, followed by Pakistan with 620 murdered Christians.

The CDU/CSU parliamentary group represents the mainstream parties in parliament and feels committed to freedom, cohesion and personal responsibility. On the basis of the Christian image of man, the Union faction is committed to a strong, free and democratic constitutional state, the social and ecological market economy, integration into the western community of values ​​and the unification of Europe. Ralph Brinkhaus is the chairman of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group in the German Bundestag.

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