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19.01.2022 – 13:15

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The woman is herself: “In 2030, men and women in Germany will share do-it-yourself activities equally”, this is the conclusion reached by the majority of the experts who were interviewed as part of the Einhell Delphi study “Home 2030”. This social change is being supported by advances in battery technology, which are making tools easier and more convenient to use. Another factor is that traditional access barriers, such as the necessary know-how, are gone. An example of this are the countless tutorials that are freely available on the Internet for any home improvement project. Or the growing number of influencers who are targeting women in particular with craft tips. In the future, women will therefore increasingly take on those do-it-yourself jobs that were previously dominated by men.

“A Comprehensive Perspective on the Subject”

On behalf of Einhell, the WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management surveyed 60 proven experts about the home in 2030. As part of this Delphi study – in contrast to survey-based studies – the participants discussed pre-formulated future projections together and predicted their probability of occurrence.

“For the results of the study, it was important to find experts from a wide range of social classes and industries in order to get the most comprehensive perspective possible on the topic.”, explains study leader Professor Dr. Sascha L. Schmidt, head of the Center for Sports and Management at the WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management.

The battery as a better alternative to petrol or cable drums

Technological advances in battery technology mean that tools are lighter and more convenient to use. The experts therefore assume that with a probability of occurrence of 58 percent as early as 2030, people in Germany will only be using motor-driven devices in their home and garden that are powered by rechargeable batteries. With this system change from petrol or cable reel to battery, the inhibitions about DIY projects are also falling – which reinforces the trend that more and more women are also reaching for hammer drills and chainsaws.

More time at home, more home office, more do-it-yourself

Many experts assume that in 2030 people in Germany will spend more than 75 percent of their time at home and that every second employee will even do all of his or her working hours from home. Your own home as a place to live, live and work is therefore becoming increasingly important. “Due to the current developments in the field of mobile working, people will definitely spend more time at home in the future,” stated an expert in the Einhell Delphi study “Home 2030”. This also increases the need to set up your home accordingly. In the opinion of the majority of experts, do-it-yourself will therefore be one of the most popular leisure activities in Germany in 2030 – fueled by the increasing lack of young talent in the skilled trades, which leaves many people with no other choice than at least smaller projects themselves to take hand. At the same time, the number of single households is increasing. For this reason, too, it will be said more and more often in the future: The woman is herself.

Background of the Einhell Delphi study

“As a leading manufacturer of DIY and garden tools, it is extremely exciting for us to take a look at the possible future of the home. The world is currently changing at breakneck speed. It is more important than ever to stop and look in which direction the course could develop in relation to our core market. Not least to assess whether we are also moving with our product portfolio at the level of future developments and the resulting customer needs”., explains Julian Bohry, responsible for marketing at Einhell Germany AG, the background of the future study. “The results encourage us to further expand our battery platform and to support people in developing their home into an attractive place of well-being and a showpiece.” Einhell’s Power-X-Change platform already includes more than 200 devices that can be operated with one and the same battery. By 2025 there should even be 350 devices.

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Einhell is a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art tools for house and garden. Through the constant expansion of its innovative battery platform Power X-Change, the internationally successful company based in Landau/Isar (Bavaria) is a pioneer in the field of battery-powered tools and gardening equipment. For years, Einhell has been setting standards with its products in terms of endurance, performance and safety. Einhell customers also appreciate the wireless freedom for all do-it-yourself projects, the attractive price-performance ratio and first-class customer service.

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