▷ Current Nutricia Milupa birth list shows: Births will remain at a high level in 2021

19.01.2022 – 15:40

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Today Nutricia Milupa published the 2021 birth list and noted a total of 765,686 births in the German clinics. Compared to the previous year (745,839 births), this means an increase of 2.66 percent in births in Germany. In addition, the centralization of obstetrics is increasingly coming into focus.

With 6,637 births, the Munich clinic is again the leader of the Nutricia Milupa birth list 2021. Compared to 2020, the birth rate here has risen sharply by 8.34 percent. The university hospital Charité in Berlin follows in second place, reporting a total of 5,459 births. Here the number of births increased by 3.02 percent. Third place was taken by the Sankt Joseph Hospital in Berlin with 4,410 births, an increase of 4.88 percent over the previous year.

The centralization of obstetrics is being pushed further

Compared to the previous year, many clinic closures can be observed again in 2021. Even if these were only temporary in part – due to the outbreak of the coronavirus – it can be seen that there are more births in larger clinics than in smaller clinics. Thus, obstetrics is becoming more and more centralized in large clinics. The number of births was recorded in a total of 631 delivery rooms and 13 closures were observed.

Collection of birth lists for more than 20 years

Nutricia Milupa’s scientific field service carries out a survey at the individual clinics to collect the number of births. All information is non-binding and without guarantee.

The Nutricia Milupa birth list has been collected annually since 1999. In terms of the absolute numbers, the birth list differs slightly from the birth statistics of the Federal Statistical Office. This is due to the different survey methods: Nutricia Milupa records the number of births in the clinics, while the Federal Statistical Office records the number of all newborns. The latter also includes, for example, births in birth centers and home births. However, when considering the annual percentage increase in births, the results of Nutricia Milupa are very close to those of the Federal Statistical Office.

About Nutricia Milupa

Nutricia Milupa has set itself the task of increasing people’s quality of life through the best possible nutrition – in the first 1,000 days of life as well as in critical phases of life with special medical requirements.

The portfolio includes numerous well-known brands (including Aptamil, Milupa, Neocate, Fortimel, Nutrison) with a total of 380 products. It ranges from baby milks and paps to special products for premature births, failure to thrive or food allergies to liquid and tube feeding for the treatment of disease-related malnutrition in chronic diseases, old age or cancer. The portfolio also includes highly specialized products for rare hereditary metabolic disorders. For more than 30 years Nutricia Milupa has also offered special advice for parents and a nutrition team for medical care at home.

With locations in Frankfurt and Erlangen, Nutricia Milupa belongs to the leading international food company Danone. Danone is convinced that the health of people and that of the planet are inextricably linked and, as a French “Entreprise à Mission”, has therefore enshrined social, societal and environmental goals in its company statutes. In addition, Danone aims to be one of the first multinational companies to be B-Corp certified. With more than 100,000 employees and products sold in over 120 countries, Danone achieved sales of 23.6 billion euros in 2020. Further information is available below www.danone.de to disposal.

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