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19.01.2022 – 13:55


Bonn (ots)

Film by Martin Priess with drawings by Reinhard Kleist and Matthias Lehmann

He is one of the last survivors of the Shoah: Albrecht Weinberg. At the old age of 87, he returned to Germany from the USA in 2012 and has been actively campaigning against forgetting and anti-Semitism in Germany ever since. On the occasion of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day on January 27, 2022, phoenix is ​​showing the fourth installment in the “Century Witnesses” series, which documents the dramatic memories of Holocaust survivors as a graphic novel.

Everything that was dear to Albrecht Weinberg was taken away from him by the National Socialists. As a Jewish child, he was first deprived of his rights, then deported, made to do forced labor and finally almost murdered in three concentration camps and on a death march. “Witness of the Century” Weinberg describes this process insistently and relentlessly. Through his testimony he makes the National Socialist crime against humanity of the Holocaust vivid: “In Auschwitz exact records were kept: I have a number on my arm, I no longer had a name, I was no longer a human being in their eyes.”

Albrecht Weinberg describes his life, beginning with a childhood in the East Frisian village up to his liberation from the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, drawing the line of his life – and survival. He vividly describes the latent anti-Semitism of the 1920s and early 1930s as well as the steadily and dramatically deteriorating situation of the Jews after the Nazis seized power. To this day, he is haunted by disturbing everyday experiences with his peers: “Anti-Semitism started in Germany before Hitler. If you lived in such a small village, then everyone knew that it wasn’t ‘the vineyard’, that was ‘the vineyard Jude Weinberg’. That was our first name, so to speak.”

As in the previous episodes, the eyewitness interview forms the basis for the second level of this fourth edition of the witnesses of the century on phoenix. As in the first three episodes, the two renowned illustrators and graphic novelists Reinhard Kleist and Matthias Lehmann, in collaboration with the author, have drawn and animated many scenes from Albrecht Weinberg’s oral narration respectfully and with the consent of the eyewitness. The result is an impressive and moving “Oral-Graphic-Biography” of the witness of the century Albrecht Weinberg, who returned to Germany to fight against oblivion and for a better future in his old homeland.

Like all previous editions of the witnesses of the century, the film will be available from phoenix in the media libraries of ARD and ZDF as well as on phoenix.de. Noah Klieger (2019), Zipora Feiblowitsch (2020) and Margot Friedländer (2021) were portrayed in earlier episodes of the witnesses of the century.

Photos by Albrecht Weinberg and the drawings used in the film can be found at ARD-Foto.de

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