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19.01.2022 – 14:04

Stümpfig Consulting GmbH

Nuremberg (ots)

Lack of care – the buzzword has been busy in politics and business for a long time. Christian Stümpfig also regularly deals with this topic. He is a specialist in marketing and recruitment in the care sector. He knows: There are not enough skilled workers for very high demand. How can nursing homes find suitable employees in this situation? This is what drives the recruiting experts on a daily basis. With pflegepersonalfinder.de, a project of Stümpfig Consulting GmbH in Nuremberg, he is therefore breaking new ground in personnel recruitment and creating efficient solutions for his customers.

That Christian Stümpfig with pflegepersonalfinder.de, a project by Stümpfig Consulting GmbH, delivers what it promises, as satisfied managers of care facilities testify. They are happy to report on their successes in finding skilled workers in video interviews. The effective recruiting solutions from Stümpfig Consulting GmbH amaze many a care company. Because the nursing services often have tedious and costly attempts to find staff behind them before they turn to Christian Stümpfig.

The experiences of the companies always sound similar. No or unsuitable employees apply to them. Specialists from the recruitment agency disappear again after just a few months. Building long-term working relationships is difficult. But vacancies create a lack of care in the companies. For this reason, large sums are often invested in order to fill the jobs at short notice with temporary workers or placement services. If Christian Stümpfig comes into play with pflegepersonalfinder, the vicious circle dissolves. Suddenly the search for employees is quick and successful. What is behind it and how did the expert come to this appointment?

Christian Stümpfig and pflegepersonalfinder – a practice-oriented way to recruit nurses

Christian Stümpfig has been self-employed for ten years and supports numerous companies with pflegepersonalfinder. But originally he had nothing to do with recruitment and the care industry. He started out as a web designer for company websites. Gradually he took over marketing tasks for the companies. He continued his education and became a management consultant. Initially, his customers came from various industries. But more and more nursing companies were among them. Christian Stümpfig visited various care facilities and analyzed the specific problem areas in this sector. In 2020 he specifically specialized in recruiting nursing staff. Thanks to the practical know-how he has acquired over many years, Christian Stümpfig’s work as a consultant has its decisive quality.

Search for skilled workers – Christian Stümpfig knows the problems in the care sector and the solutions

The expert has experienced it more than once: Nursing companies use all known and traditional methods to recruit staff. From the job center to recruitment agencies, job advertisements or even radio advertising, the companies usually try everything – but mostly without success. As an expert, Christian Stümpfig knows that every company has its own advantages and priorities. Specialists also have an individual profile and their personal range of skills or interests. The trick is to put the right company in contact with the right specialist. First of all, Stümpfig Consulting GmbH analyzes the special characteristics of the nursing company – from the company culture to the nursing focus. Consciously presenting these qualities to the outside world is a key building block for recruiting success. Together with the company, the expert also develops a picture of the ideal candidate. Then the search for exactly this desired employee takes place.

Do not be afraid of staff who are willing to change

It all depends on the right matching between company and specialist. However, many companies believe that they can only look for the right specialist among those who are currently unemployed. Christian Stümpfig advises them to specialize instead in candidates willing to change jobs. This automatically focuses on the needs of the employees. Because even dissatisfied employees who are willing to change are looking for a new company with which they can identify perfectly. If the right combination is successful, the specialists usually stay with their new employer for a long time. Because a caregiver willing to change follows the legitimate desire to improve their own work situation. In order to find these candidates, Stümpfig Consulting GmbH uses customized methods with pflegepersonalfinder.

Online marketing and simplified application process

The recruiting tools of Stümpfig Consulting GmbH rely entirely on the internet – especially social media. This is where the nursing services can attract the attention of the target group they are looking for. The fact that the advertising measures are targeted in one’s own region increases the success rate. It’s not about poaching good specialists from other companies. Rather, the desired candidates should apply to the care facilities on their own initiative. An incentive for this is the optimized application process. The process is designed to be as pleasant and uncomplicated as possible. Even if some companies initially show skepticism: Often the vacancies are filled in a short time. This spurs Christian Stümpfig on. He is working towards the goal of expanding his company into a top provider in nurse recruiting.

As a nursing service or nursing facility, would you like weekly applications from qualified specialists who are interested in your company in the long term? Contact Christian Stümpfig from pflegepersonalfinder.de and arrange a free information session.

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