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19.01.2022 – 09:46

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Due to rising electricity prices, consumers should check their electricity costs. The non-profit consulting company co2online points this out.

As an analysis for Germany shows, an average household can save electricity worth around 320 euros per year. In this way, rising electricity prices can be compensated for. The free online calculator StromCheck from co2online shows how big the personal savings potential is www.stromspiegel.de.

Check provider change – reduce costs and protect the climate

“In addition to lower costs, much less CO2 is also possible with electricity,” says co2online Managing Director Tanja Loitz. “Anyone who is concerned with electricity costs should also consider changing providers. With green electricity, many hundreds of kilograms of CO2 can be avoided quickly and easily. This is an important contribution to more climate protection. Green electricity tariffs can also be compared with the StromCheck. Only a few steps are then necessary for the change.”

Check electricity costs in good time – avoid basic supply

Consumers should currently take a close look at mail from the electricity provider. Because in contrast to previous years, it’s not just about small price increases. Most of the time the prices go up significantly. Some providers have also sent notices of termination or are insolvent. Then consumers automatically slip into the basic supply of the local provider.

“The basic service is usually much more expensive than other tariffs,” warns Loitz. “Consumers should therefore take action themselves immediately after termination and look for a new provider – ideally for climate-friendly green electricity.”

Reduce power consumption: save 320 to 410 euros per year

In an apartment building, an average household can save around 320 euros in electricity costs per year. In a single-family home, the average is 410 euros. This emerges from the most recent electricity mirror for Germany.

This co2online analysis is based on consumption data from 290,000 households. A household with two people is assumed for the apartment building, in which hot water is heated with electricity. In a detached house there are four people who do not use electricity for hot water (central hot water preparation).

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About co2 online

The non-profit consulting company co2online (www.co2online.de) stands for climate protection that works. Since 2003, more than 40 energy and communication experts have campaigned, energy calculators and practice checks to reduce electricity and heating energy consumption in private households to a minimum. The impulses for action that these actions trigger make a measurable contribution to CO2 reduction. The focus is on electricity and heating energy in buildings, modernization, construction and help with dealing with subsidies. co2online is supported by the European Commission, the Federal Ministry for the Environment and the media, science and business.

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