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20.01.2022 – 00:14

Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Ltd.

Ningde, China (ots/PRNewswire)

  • CATL subsidiary CAES has launched EVOGO, its innovative modular battery swapping solution that includes battery blocks, fast battery swapping stations and an app
  • EVOGO features include high compatibility with vehicle models, needs-based battery rental and complementarity with fast chargers and household chargers
  • Initially, 10 cities will be selected to offer EVOGO services

On January 18th, Contemporary Amperex Energy Service Technology Ltd. (CAES), a wholly owned subsidiary of Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Ltd. (CATL), their battery swapping solution EVOGO with modular battery swapping at their first online launch event. Consisting of battery blocks, quick-change stations and an app, EVOGO will initially be rolled out in ten cities, according to Chen Weifeng, director general of CAES.

Innovative modular battery replacement solution brings new life to the market

To alleviate the fear of insufficient range and solve the inconvenience of charging and the high total cost of ownership, CAES unveiled its innovative modular battery replacement solution at Tuesday’s online launch event. Based on the separation of vehicle and battery, CAES views the battery as a common product, creating a whole new experience for the market.

The “Choco-SEB (swapping electric block)”, which looks like a chocolate bar, is a mass-produced battery specially designed for electric vehicle sharing. It offers the advantages of high energy density with small size, flexible combination and minimalist design.

Using the latest CTP (Cell-to-Pack) technology, a weight energy density of over 160 Wh/kg and a volume energy density of 325 Wh/L is achieved, enabling a single block to achieve a range of 200 km.

The Choco-SEB is now compatible with 80 percent of the BEV platform vehicle models on the market worldwide, as well as with all BEV platform models that will be launched worldwide in the next three years. Customers are free to take one to three blocks to meet different range requirements at the changing stations.

In addition, the groundbreaking Choco-SEB, equipped with wireless BMS technology, has no external parts whatsoever except for the high-voltage positive and negative terminals, which significantly increases the reliability of the connectors.

The battery exchange station is characterized by high compatibility, needs-based battery rental and complementarity with charging services. With a footprint equivalent to three parking spaces, a standard EVOGO battery swap station can hold up to 48 Choco SEBs and allows a single battery block to be swapped out within a minute, giving customers fully charged batteries anytime without long waits. In addition, EVOGO offers a variety of changing stations that adapt to the climatic conditions of the different regions.

The app connects customers to the various modules of EVOGO, enables the connection between customers, vehicles, stations and batteries and also offers other services.

High compatibility, needs-based battery rental and complementarity with charging services

Unlike traditional battery replacement solutions, EVOGO has developed two innovative compatibility modes. Choco-SEB is suitable for vehicles of classes A00, B and C as well as for logistics vehicles. At the same time, the exchange stations can be combined with all vehicle models from different OEMs that use Choco SEBs, so that a free choice of vehicle models for the battery exchange is possible.

In fact, most car owners tend to buy higher powered EVs to alleviate fears of short range, even though everyday use typically only requires 10 to 20 percent of total power. You’ve paid a high sunk cost for power capacity that’s rarely needed.

To solve this problem, EVOGO allows its customers to choose the number of battery packs to rent according to their driving scenarios and habits. Only one block is needed for inner-city journeys, while for longer journeys customers can rent two to three blocks and exchange them for one block upon returning to the city.

Vehicles equipped with Choco SEBs support both charging and battery swapping for power charging. Together with the existing household and fast chargers, EVOGO offers a solution for all electricity charging scenarios.

Launched initially in 10 cities to usher in the era of energy freedom

CATL’s corporate vision is to become a world-leading innovative technology company and make an outstanding contribution to solving the green energy problem for mankind. The establishment of CAES helps CATL to close the closed loop of the battery lifecycle value chain, which spans from development to manufacture, use and recycling, and offers NEV customers a whole new driving experience.

CAES also unveiled the first member of the EVOGO family at the event, the modular battery swap version of Bestune NAT, and more vehicle models that can use EVOGO’s service will be launched in the future. For starters, 10 cities offering EVOGO services will be selected.

About CATL

Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited (CATL) is a global leader in innovative new energy technologies, committed to providing world-class solutions and services for new energy applications worldwide. In June 2018, the company went public on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange under the stock code 300750. According to SNE Research, in 2020 CATL will be #1 in EV battery consumption for four consecutive years. CATL is also widely recognized by global OEM partners. To achieve the goal of replacing fossil fuels in stationary and mobile power systems with high-efficiency electric power systems generated by advanced batteries and renewable energy, and promote the integrated innovation of market applications with electrification and intelligence, CATL adopts continuous innovation in four Dimensions including battery chemistry, structure, production system and business models.

For more information please visit http://www.catl.com

Information about CAES

Contemporary Amperex Energy Service Technology Ltd. (CAES) is an innovative technology company providing convenient and reliable mobile energy solutions and services. Based on the separation of vehicle and battery, CAES considers the batteries as common products, and offers modular battery replacement solutions and services to bring new energy vehicle customers more experience.

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