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19.01.2022 – 12:51

ARD Press

Leipzig (ots)

The ARD has extended its commitment until June 30, 2022 to continue to participate with 32.5 percent in the default fund for television productions (default fund II) of the federal states. Some of the federal states involved in this fund have already confirmed the extension of this support measure. The directors of the ARD state broadcasters agreed in December to continue this commitment should the fund be extended. Applications for this can be submitted to the Film Funding Agency (FFA). The ARD gives the producers an important signal by extending the measures.

Karola Wille, MDR director and ARD film director:

“As the largest client for the German film and television industry, ARD sees itself as having a special responsibility. Even after 23 months of the pandemic, we stand firmly by the side of the creative scene to support Germany as a production location in its great regional diversity and thus also for the To be able to continue to reliably offer exciting material from all parts of Germany to the public.”

ARD has been supporting film and television productions extensively with various support offers since March 2020. In addition to participating in the above-mentioned failure fund II of the federal states, the ARD state broadcasters and ARD Degeto continue to assume 100 percent of the costs for corona protection measures during production (so-called hygiene costs*) for new productions. These preventive costs affect the majority of support services. And they are having an effect: the low utilization of Default Fund II so far is also due to the fact that the strict hygiene concepts during filming are consistently implemented and are taking effect.

In addition, the ARD broadcasters and ARD Degeto have also extended their commitment, in the event of damage, to assume fifty percent of the corona-related additional costs for those productions that do not fall under default fund I or II, but meet the requirements of the ARD commitment.

More in-depth current information can be found on the ARD transparency pages:


The ARD had already decided in mid-March 2020 to take immediate measures to support the creative and producer landscape. ARD press release March 17, 2020:


*Hygiene costs are preventive measures that the trade association responsible for film productions, BG ETEM Dreharbeit, prescribes and that are included in the calculation for new productions right from the start.

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