USA: Hostage-taking in a synagogue in Texas

Status: 01/16/2022 00:19 a.m

A hostage-taking has taken place in a synagogue in the US state of Texas. According to the police, special forces are on duty. At least four people are said to be in the hands of a hostage-taker.

A hostage-taking has taken place in a synagogue in the US state of Texas. Texas Governor Greg Abbott spoke on Twitter of a “tense hostage situation” in the city of Colleyville near Dallas. The television channel CNN showed pictures of the police operation.

The Colleyville police initially only said that special forces were on duty at the address of a synagogue. Houses in the immediate vicinity have been evacuated and citizens should avoid the area. The police initially did not provide more specific information.

Apparently hostage-taking in US synagogue

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FBI in contact with hostage-takers

CNN, citing police, reported there were no injuries so far and there was no danger to the general public. The Federal Police FBI is involved in the operation and is in contact with the hostage-taker. According to investigators, at least four people are in his power, the broadcaster continued to report. There was initially no official information on details and the possible background to the crime.

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki wrote on Twitter that US President Joe Biden had been briefed on the Texas hostage situation and would continue to be briefed on the situation.

Israel’s prime minister monitors situation

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett tweeted that he was closely monitoring the situation in Colleyville and was praying for the safety of the hostages and emergency services.

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