United States: Rescue a dog trapped for six days by landslide in Seattle

A dog that was trapped for six days inside a house that collapsed in a landslide last week has been rescued, authorities said.

“My baby. My baby,” exclaimed the owner of the house, Didi Fritts, when a person left the house Thursday carrying her alert black Labrador retriever named Sammy, KING-TV reported.

The Seattle Fire Department said on Twitter Thursday that firefighters responded to reports that possibly a dog was trapped inside the rubble of the house.

Several veterinarians who arrived at the scene examined the dog, which appeared to be alert and wagging its tail after seeing Fritts, network television video shows.

Firefighters described the state of Sammy as stable.

The mudslide on January 7 caused the house to slide off its foundation, leaving James Fritts trapped inside, while his wife Didi made it to safety.

His other dog, Lilly, was killed in the collapse, The Seattle Times reported. Family members said they returned home every day hoping to hear the missing dog.

Rescuers heard the animal when they arrived, David Corps, a spokesman for the Seattle Fire Department, told the newspaper.

To reach the dog, rescue workers used chainsaws to cut through the walls and floor of the house, and they worked cautiously Thursday out of concern the unstable home could suffer another collapse.



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