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15.01.2022 – 02:00

Central German newspaper

Halle/MZ (ots)

Saxony-Anhalt’s Infrastructure Minister Lydia Hüskens (FDP) can imagine the construction of a previously unplanned motorway in the west of the state. From their point of view, the extension of the A71 to the north is a “worthwhile project,” said Hüskens in an interview with the Mitteldeutsche Zeitung (Saturday edition) published in Halle. Regarding the previous expansion of the A71, Hüskens said: “This ends today at Sangerhausen, should be further built up to the A2.” From the minister’s point of view, this region is currently “left behind in terms of traffic”. Hüskens emphasized: “It’s still a long way off, but we will examine this possibility.”

Two motorway constructions are currently planned in Saxony-Anhalt: the north extension of the A14 and the A143 near Halle. “They have to be finished quickly,” emphasized Hüskens to the MZ. These new traffic routes are “central to the state”.

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