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15.01.2022 – 14:00

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The motorhome and caravan industry can record another peak value for 2021. New registrations of leisure vehicles in Germany exceeded the sound barrier of 100,000 registrations in one calendar year for the second time. The motorhomes set a new record with over 77,802 new registrations in Germany. Compared to the previous year, the number of new motorhomes grew by 6.5 percent.

The readers’ polls of the two specialist journals promo, Europe’s largest magazine for motorhomes, and CARAVANING, the leading German-language magazine for caravans, traditionally offer a well-founded and eagerly awaited trend barometer for the image of the most popular motorhome and caravan brands at the beginning of the year. A total of 20,488 notarized participants (promo: 14,037, CARAVANING: 6,451) chose their mobile homes and caravans of the year.

German manufacturers are favored in the overall ratings. The brands from the southern German camper van and caravan strongholds of Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria are the most popular in the readers’ poll. In the readers’ choice of promo get the most awards. Carthago (Aulendorf) is the only manufacturer to win two of the eleven categories. Hymer (Bad Waldsee) and Malibu (Aulendorf) are ahead in one category each. The Bavarian competitors Bimobil (Oberpframmern), Knaus (Jandelsbrunn), Pössl (Ainring) and Weinsberg, a brand from Knaus Tabbert (Jandelsbrunn) each win an award. Niesmann+Bischoff (Polch / Rhineland-Palatinate) also won one category.

Among the compact camper vans, the Mercedes Marco Polo overtakes the VW California. The participants once again voted the long-term winner Fiat Ducato the most popular basic model by a wide margin. In the import ratings for motorhomes, the Slovenian manufacturer Adria dominates with success in seven categories, followed by Sun Living and Kabe, each with a top spot.

Brand popularity is a key indicator for purchasing decisions. 38 percent of all participants in the readers’ poll stated that they wanted to buy a motorhome in the next one to two years. Among the current non-owners it is even 62 percent. When it comes to motorisation, the diesel engine, which is predominantly installed in motorhomes and camper vans, remains the first choice. For around 40 percent, however, an alternative drive would also be an option if it were offered for the vehicle of their choice.

A similar picture emerges when assessing the drive technology with the greatest future potential. 42 percent of the surveyed mobile home owners see the diesel in the lead here as well. But with the fuel cell (26 percent) and the hybrid drive (17 percent), a total of 43 percent of motor home owners believe that the alternative drive concepts have better future prospects. This question was asked for the first time as part of the readers’ poll. Also new was the question of sustainable travel when camping. Motorization is at the top of the list for motorhome owners when it comes to environmental compatibility. For 75 percent it is important to use an engine that complies with the latest emissions standard. The fact that the engine should be fuel-efficient was mentioned by 67 percent as important for environmental compatibility.

For a total of 60 percent of motorhome owners, overall environmentally friendly behavior is important. In contrast, ecologically oriented campsites (30 percent) and near-natural materials (23 percent) are less important.

As with motorhomes, the southern German brands also came off best in the CARAVANING readers’ poll. Here, the Swabian manufacturer Fendt (Mertingen) shone with victory in three out of a total of six categories. Eriba from the Hymer Group (Bad Waldsee) and Weinsberg from Knaus Tabbert (Jandelsbrunn) were voted the winners by the readers of CARAVANING. With Hobby (Fockbek/Schleswig-Holstein), a brand from the far north won a category. In the import ranking, the manufacturer Adria secured a win four times. The British manufacturer Sprite won two import categories.

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