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15.01.2022 – 07:00

Arena Germany

Augsburg (ots)

After six successful and groundbreaking months with comprehensive reporting and live analyzes of all things Formula 1 in 2021, the streaming channel arena plus is launching a new sports platform and at the same time adding darts to its existing portfolio.

“Champ1” is the new sporty brand from arena plus. It combines the big and popular sports of Formula 1 and darts. It is the new address for extensive live analyses, talks, highlights, on-site reporting, reports and breaking news about motorsport and darts. The best, most popular and most successful experts, united under a new address. At the same time, “Champ1” is also the new address for the largest and most extensive viewer interaction. Spectators and fans of their favorite sport can take part in the respective “Champ1” formats on a large scale.

Champ1: Formula 1″ and “Champ1: Darts” are pure live television at any time, but especially at prime time. Whether as an “After-Race-Show” or “After-Session-Show” or on the following day and always when there is the latest news about the premier class of motorsport or about the sport, which has grown enormously in recent years Has gained popularity and growth and has thus become one of the most popular, most popular and grown sport of recent years. Formula 1 and darts find a new home at “Champ1”.

“Champ1” combines live analyses, highlights and talks, connected with the best experts in their field and the latest news, podcasts and merch shops, as well as a media library that can be accessed and used anywhere, from any location, on any technical device at any time can be.

The live broadcasts of “Champ1: Formula 1” and “Champ1: Darts” are broadcast free of charge for everyone on the official “Champ1” YouTube channel and on the Champ1.de website and are also available free of charge immediately after each broadcast the media library ready for retrieval.

With “Champ1” you don’t need a paid subscription. The new arena plus sports brand is financed through advertising and offers advertisers numerous opportunities for targeted implementation.

The permanent faces of “Champ1” include for Formula 1, the former Formula 1 racing driver and Sky commentator Marc Surer, who was also a permanent expert at arena plus last year and is currently also for Swiss television Formula 1 commented live and for darts, the streaming station was able to win over one of the most popular darts experts in Germany: Tomas “Shorty” Seyler. The qualified wholesale and foreign trade merchant and multiple German champion in darts has been Germany’s number 1 in darts for several years since 2002 and has been an expert for Sport1 and DAZN ever since. “Schleifstein”, as he is also called, was won over for “Champ1” in the long term.

He himself says: “I’m looking forward to the new tasks with arena plus. New formats that lead to more interaction with the viewers. A chance to help shape the shows, for example by participating by e-mail, red hot interviews with players shortly after the end of the game.” And he also addresses the viewers with the words: “That’s ‘Three Freshness’ for you. Don’t miss the 28.01.2022.”

Marc Surer, Formula 1 commentator legend is also happy and says: “After we had a successful debut with the ‘Motorsport Arena’ last year and were able to win and inspire more and more Formula 1 fans for our regular live analyses, I am now looking forward to new and exciting live broadcasts in the 2022 season and the start of ‘Champ1’, which wants and will dedicate even more to Formula 1 and I can make a big contribution to it.”

On January 28, 2022, the first darts program will be broadcast with the beginning of the “Masters” and on February 28, 2022 the first new Formula 1 program of the year will be broadcast, which will be before the start of the 2022 Formula 1 season with an outlook and a countdown broadcast to the start of the most comprehensive racing calendar in history, before the regular start of the first World Championship race in Bahrain on March 20, 2022.

“Champ1” is now under www.champ1.de, via YouTube and on all social media platforms 24/7.

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