▷ KBV boss Gassen: “We have been subject to a certain control illusion for months”

14.01.2022 – 20:58


Bonn (ots)

Andreas Gassen, head of the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV), is convinced that there must be significant changes in the testing process in connection with the corona pandemic and that one should concentrate on symptomatic cases. “There will be a focus on providing people with PCR tests, which may be released from quarantine,” said Gassen on the television station phoenix. The number of infections is already “significantly higher” than the number communicated by the RKI, because many infections are no longer noticed. “We have been subject to a certain control illusion for months,” said the KBV CEO. You only have a complete overview of the pandemic in a few areas, such as hospital admissions and people who have to be treated in intensive care units.

It is also very likely that almost every citizen will come into contact with the Omikron variant in the next few months. “It would be illusory to assume that we could prevent large parts of the population from becoming infected with omicron. The virus is too contagious for that,” explained Gassen. Most vaccinated people would hardly notice an infection. “But there is a risk that the older unvaccinated people who may still have previous illnesses could become seriously ill,” said the KBV boss.

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